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Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Vineet Radhakrishnan

Vineet Radhakrishnan is a professional digital mixed media photographer from the South of India. He has always liked being around creative people since he can remember. Vineet used to read a lot as a child and also draw, although, he never pursued it seriously. At school Vineet was good at academics and creative endeavors somehow ended up taking a backseat until he finished with college. Vineet is not very expressive as a person and finds photography and art as a great outlet. He tends to be stubborn and moody at times and extremely extroverted at other times, which, as he commented, could be a pain for people around him. It’s been a pleasure for us to take an interview with Vineet Radhakrishnan and learn some interesting facts of his biography. We wish you a pleasant reading and viewing of Vineet Radhakrishnan photography.

AP: Hi Vineet! Thank you very much for finding the time to give us an interview. It’s a great pleasure for us. Hope you will like the interview questions we’ve prepared for you today. So what got you started?

Vineet: I was a year into my first job in my mid 20s is when I could afford to finally buy my own camera. I wanted to purchase an SLR camera, but I didn’t have the money for a new one, so I bought a second hand one at eBay.

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Stairway to Heaven

AP: Great, that you could make your dream come true! Do you have any formal education in photography or were you self-taught?

Vineet: I am completely self-taught and learnt both how to use a camera and how to post process through trials and errors and from the wonderful resource called the internet.

AP: Your pictures look incredible. What genre are your photos?

Vineet: I tend to get bored easily and therefore have not kept to a set style or genre. Initially, I did a lot of portfolios for struggling models and actors who didn’t have the money for a hot-shot photographer. On a personal front I enjoy street photography, especially taking black & white close up portraits and environmental HDR portraits. For professional assignments I shoot mostly fashion nowadays.

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

One Moonlit Night

AP: How would you describe your works?

Vineet: I am happy when people find it difficult to slot my work into a genre. What I produce depends greatly on my mood and my mental state, so I guess more often than not, I end up surprising even myself!

AP: So you enjoy experimenting. What inspired you to start working on The Surreal Project?

Vineet: I had been doing a lot of fashion work with models in Paris and felt burnt out creatively. I chanced upon an article on René Magritte on the internet and the idea to do something along the lines of surrealism struck me as a good way to stretch myself as an artist.

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Lost in his world

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to take such pictures?

Vineet: I use a Nikon D700 with a 24-70mm F2.8 for my professional work. When traveling or in the street I take my small Fuji X100 to shoot random things that interest me, that I then add to a catalogue. For the montages I try and pre-visualize and shoot as much as I can. I use stock images if there is a specific object or character I want but can’t find to personally shoot.

AP: Who is one person you would like to see interviewed on AstrumPeople?

Vineet: Lee Jeffries. I find his street portraits amazing.

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Rain or Shine

AP: Thanks, we will do our best to contact and take an interview with Lee Jeffries. Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Vineet: Definitely my wife! I have the luxury to indulge my artistic inclinations because of my wife’s understanding and not to forget the fact that because of her job financial uncertainties are less impactful thankfully.

AP: It’s wonderful that your wife inspires you to create more. Tell us three lessons you believe are really important for every photographer?

Vineet: Always keep learning, create for the sake of creating, and never let the process stop being fun!

Vineet, thank you so much for sharing such interesting story about photography. I’m sure your readers will find it inspiring. We wish you brilliant success, interesting projects and continued inspiration. To learn more about Vineet Radhakrishnan photography and The Surreal Project, please visit his personal website or Flickr page.

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Weighty Problems

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Dance of Light

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography


Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Fantasy in Pastels

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

The Unknown

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Clocking In

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Can’t Hear You

Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography

Siren and The Ship

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