Tatiana Plakhova Illustrations: Breathtaking Complexity Graphics

Tatiana Plakhova

Tatiana Plakhova

Tatiana Plakhova is an illustrator who could combine art and science. Her works are very unusual. By using mixed media software she creates beauty in details. She owns the Complexity Graphics website where she uploads her portfolio. We were pleased to meet and have an interview with Tatiana Plakhova and are happy to share it with you. Enjoy reading and remember sharing is caring;)

AP: Tatiana, please tell us your first works. What did they look like?

TP: I always liked drawing, but my parents wanted me to study science at a university and then do whatever I wanted. So now I try to make art combinations of design and scientific perception of the world.

AP: How did you come up with the idea about ‘Complexity Graphics’? What is the main idea you are trying to convey to people?

TP: I started drawing these illustrations 3 years ago and after a time I needed to have a personal website for all of the series of works. The main idea is to show a new way of “infographic” drawings. Because everything we see is biological, mathematical, or geological information. It can also be cultural patterns or any other thing.

AP: Do you have any formal education in design or were you self-taught? 

Tatiana Plakhova Complexity Graphics

Bio Patterns

TP: I had a wonderful teacher at the design school and all the skills came from years of client work.

AP: What genre are your works?

TP: I think it is graphic complexity, as there are many iconographical abstracts in that style at that inspired me.

AP: How would you describe your works?

TP: My works are based on mathematical simplicity and harmony. I would describe them as infographic abstracts. This mathematical style helps me to illustrate everything from biological cells to the space and meditative worlds. That’s why I admire math because it’s everywhere and nowhere.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to create your pictures?

TP: It’s a mixed media software.

Chaos and Structure

Chaos and Structure

AP: Would you consider yourself an expert in graphic design?

TP: I think at the moment my work is more about art and illustrations. But I came to it with the help of graphic design. I can “tell the stories” with my collection of illustrations.

 AP: What is the formula for success in your activity?

TP: I try to understand this world and I think people around me want to do the same. So I think it’s the formula, to be honest with your interests.

AP: Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

TP: I’m very thankful to my parents who insisted on getting scientific education first and then supported my education in design school. My teacher Tagir Safaev is also a wonderful font designer, who has a talent for teaching his students all the aspects of art vision art thinking, and design analysis; he aroused my interest in infographic and abstract works. So I’m very proud I was his student.

AP:  Would you like to wish something to your readers and AstrumPeople?

TP: I think the most important thing is to find your own style and bring essential miracles to this world.

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