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Robert J. Lang Origami: Original Approach and Unique Designs

Robert J. Lang is one of the world’s leading origami artists and theorists, who was born in Ohio and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He is popular for unique origami designs and lections on mathematical aspects of origami making. Robert has a great number of achievements in origami art: exhibitions all round the world, fellowship in […]

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Tal Avitzur Robot Sculptures: Amazing Brass, Aluminum and Other Metal Masterpieces

Tal Avitzur grew up in Pennsylvania in a family where the sciences were emphasized more than the arts. His father, uncle and brothers are engineers and his sister, a doctor. The art world opened up to Tal when he moved to California and worked for painter Irma Cavat, and also lived in her large communal artist […]

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Thomas Doyle Sculptures

Thomas Doyle Sculptures: Delicate Genre of Art

Thomas Doyle is an artist living and working in New York. His medium is typically sculpture; He creates miniature environments with small-scale models. We are happy to share the story about a very meticulous and delicate genre of art. Enjoy reading the interview with Thomas Doyle. AP: Thomas, please tell us about your first works. What did […]

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Jud Turner Sculptures: Cognitive Provocation through Visual Seduction

Jud Turner is a sculptor from Eugene, Oregon. He likes to break things almost as much as he likes to find new ways to put them back together. Jud works with found objects to make assemblages out of all kinds of materials. He is a sculptor. Recently we’ve met with Jud and it was a […]

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Figurative and Abstract Sculptures by David Vanorbeek

David Vanorbeek is a talented and professional sculptor, who comes from Belgium, but living and working in the South of France. He has a huge respect for nature and life. He is a happy man. We took an interview with David Vanorbeek and he told us about his love to art and creativity and we are […]

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Alice March Sculptures

Alluring Sculptures by Alisa March

Today we’ve got acquainted and took an exclusive interview with Alisa March – a very talented sculptor from Ukraine. Alisa March was born and raised in Kiev. Since 6 years she had been engaged in Valentina Tchaikovsky Painting Art Studio and after finishing it she decided to be an artist. In 13 years she was […]

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Stacey Webber Sculpture

Sculptures by Stacey Lee Webber: Feel the Spirit of American Culture

Stacey Lee Webber’s story about her creativity is really exciting. In this interview you’ll read about the artist who uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to create objects out of found materials which depict the struggles of the American working class heroes. AP:  Please tell our readers how you originally became interested in making sculptures. SW: I […]

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