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Trey Ratcliff Photography: Incredible Adventure Pictures

Trey Ratcliff is a professional photographer from Queenstown, New Zealand. He lives a strange, unplanned, and unexpected life of photography and adventure. Trey agreed to give us a video interview and it’s a great honor for us to publish the interview with Trey Ratcliff on AstrumPeople magazine. In the video interview, Trey shares his thoughts on photography, how he […]

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Mark Mawson Photography: Capturing the Beauty of Underwater World

Mark Mawson is a talented photographer from England whose works cover a wide spectrum. Mark Mawson photography ranges from celebrity to picturesque landscapes. He is shooting for newspapers, magazines and advedtising agencies. One of Mark’s brightest personal series is ‘Aqueous’ which he has been shooting for the last six years. Aqueous video by Mark Mawson […]

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Christy Lee Rogers: Underwater Photography Collection ‘Reckless Unbound’

In this press release we would like to share the information about the upcoming Christy Lee Rogers’ exhibition ‘Reckless Unbound’, which will take place at Edgar Varela Fine Arts in Los Angeles, California on October 20th, at 7 -10 PM, and the show will run up to November 25th, 2012. Rogers is a self-taught photographer from Kailua, […]

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Ana Bathe Photography: Beautiful Unconventional Portraits

Ana Bathe is a 24 year old artist currently based in Berlin, Germany, who specializes in self-portraits and alternative beauty. She was born in Serbia and shortly after the wars her mother and she immigrated to Canada. Ana’s first experience with art involved channeling her fears and traumas into something more positive. She never actually […]

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Hengki Lee Photography: The Beauty of Being Different

Hengki Lee is a photographer enthusiast from Jakarta, Indonesia, who loves music and plays some instruments. Beside that he also loves to read or write poetry. Hengki has a Bachelor degree in business and economic, he does trading for living and photography works as a hobby. It was a great pleasure for us to take […]

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Menno Aden Photography: Fresh Look at Ordinary Things

Menno Aden is a photographer and artist who was born in a small town of Weener in the northwest of Germany in 1972. He studied art at the University of Bremen from 1993 to 2000. In 2001 he moved to Berlin. Menno’s photography impresses us with its singularity and novelty. Today we are talking with […]

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Aleksey Bobyliov Photography: Inspiring and Vivid Art Projects

Aleksey Bobyliov is a talented photographer, who was born and raised in Chernihiv, the historic city in northern Ukraine. At the age of 17, Aleksey came to Kiev to study at the university. Aleksey started the career of photographer in the capital of Ukraine and today he’ll tell us about his brightest art projects and […]

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Giada Laiso Photography: Amazing Surreal Portrait Images

Giada Laiso is a photographer from Italy. She is 21 years old and she studies New Technologies of Art at the Academy of Milan. She went to high school of Art and she’s studied painting for five years and this has greatly influenced on her photography style. It was a great pleasure for us to […]

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Kendall Bouchlas Photography: Whimsical Storytelling Pictures

Kendall Bouchlas is photographer. She’s seventeen years old and has been taking pictures for about a year now. It was a real pleasure for us to take an interview with Kendall Bouchlas and we wish you to enjoy reading and viewing of Kendall Bouchlas photography. AP: Hi Kendall, we are happy to see you here […]

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Irene Becker Photography: Fantastic Landscape and Portrait Images

Irene Becker was born and raised in former Yugoslavia and now she lives in Hungary. Her first passion was music, which she studied at the Novi-Sad Music Academy. Now Irene is a photographer and we are glad that we had a chance to take an interview with Irene Becker. We wish you a pleasant reading […]

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