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BriAnne Wills Photography

BriAnne Wills Photography: Feminine and Edgy Feelings

BriAnne Wills is an American photographer from Portland, Oregon living in Kiev, Ukraine. BriAnne graduated from the University of Oregon in 2007 with a degree in Journalism. It’s been a pleasure for us to take an interview with BriAnne Wills and learn some interesting facts of her biography. We wish you a pleasant reading and […]

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Bob Keefer Photography

Bob Keefer Photography: Fine Art Hand-Colored Black and White Photographs

Bob Keefer is a former newspaper art writer, a Harvard graduate, a resident of rural Oregon and long-time photographer. Bob has been making and selling hand-colored black and white photography since about 2002. Born in Alabama, he grew up in Los Angeles and went to school with a surprising number of movie stars’ kids. Bob […]

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Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography: Gorgeous Surreal Pictures

Vineet Radhakrishnan is a professional digital mixed media photographer from the South of India. He has always liked being around creative people since he can remember. Vineet used to read a lot as a child and also draw, although, he never pursued it seriously. At school Vineet was good at academics and creative endeavors somehow ended […]

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Fábio Miguel Roque Photography: Outstanding Conceptual Photo Projects

Fábio Miguel Roque is a 27 year old Portuguese photographer. He was born and also lives near Lisbon, Portugal. He had a passion to photography since early years: initially as a hobby than as a life project. Fábio says that his outlook at photography changes with age. He hopes to build an extensive career in […]

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Imago Pro Photography (Seun Idowu): Storytelling Pictures of Nigeria

Seun Idowu is a talented photographer. He is a lawyer by training and a creative person by nature. Seun is from Nigeria and he has lived there all his life. Seun’s photographs tell a story of Nigerian life flow and depict a lovely picture of its culture and people. It was a real pleasure for […]

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Liam Barker Photography: Talented Photographer with Refined Taste

Liam Barker is a photographer who lives in Kingston upon Hull, UK. He’s 17 years old and he is very keen on photography. Currently he’s studying A level photography, dance and applied science at 6th form college in East Yorkshire. Liam told us that he’s not a very academic person with English and science, but […]

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Greg Kiss Photography: The Tropic of Capricorn – a Time-Lapse Journey

Greg Kiss is a professional photographer from Germany. After a Diploma and PhD in business administration, Greg started a career as a management consultant in the field of Marketing and CRM in Germany. But since his first job there was always a desire to escape from “life in the fast lane”. After several trips to […]

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Alex Lake Photography: Surrealistic Underwater Series ‘Beneath the Surface’

Alex Lake is a very talented and professional photographer. He’s been living in Los Angeles since he was about 6 years old. Alex is an artist as well as a nerd. He watches hardly any TV, but loves movies. Alex loves socializing and getting things done. He also plays the ukulele: not terribly well but […]

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Aimee Bant Photography: Young Photographer with Surreal Conceptual Taste

Aimee Bant is a photographer and she’s 17. She lives and goes to a 6th form college in East Yorkshire, UK. Aimee studies photography, media and psychology at A level and she’s currently applying to study a film and photography course at university next year. It was a great pleasure for us to take an […]

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Diana Debord Photography: Splendid Fine Art Pictures

Diana Debord is a self-taught fine art photographer born in 1984 and based in Novara, Italy. She likes to create images merging decadent romanticism with dreamlike atmospheres, and consider colors and composition as amazing creative tools. Diana wants her colors to be a rebellion towards the greyness and alienation of modern life: her aim is […]

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