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Ana Bathe photography

Ana Bathe Photography: Avant-Garde Self-Portraits

Some time ago we featured an interview with Ana Bathe. Recently, Ana sent us her updated portfolio and we’re excited to feature her avant-garde self-portraits on AstrumPeople. AP: Ana, it’s be a long time since our last contact and we’re glad your portfolio has been extended. What inspired you to create such beauty? Ana: I […]

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BriAnne Wills Photography

BriAnne Wills Photography: Feminine and Edgy Feelings

BriAnne Wills is an American photographer from Portland, Oregon living in Kiev, Ukraine. BriAnne graduated from the University of Oregon in 2007 with a degree in Journalism. It’s been a pleasure for us to take an interview with BriAnne Wills and learn some interesting facts of her biography. We wish you a pleasant reading and […]

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Bob Keefer Photography

Bob Keefer Photography: Fine Art Hand-Colored Black and White Photographs

Bob Keefer is a former newspaper art writer, a Harvard graduate, a resident of rural Oregon and long-time photographer. Bob has been making and selling hand-colored black and white photography since about 2002. Born in Alabama, he grew up in Los Angeles and went to school with a surprising number of movie stars’ kids. Bob […]

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Vineet Radhakrishnan Photography: Gorgeous Surreal Pictures

Vineet Radhakrishnan is a professional digital mixed media photographer from the South of India. He has always liked being around creative people since he can remember. Vineet used to read a lot as a child and also draw, although, he never pursued it seriously. At school Vineet was good at academics and creative endeavors somehow ended […]

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Fábio Miguel Roque Photography: Outstanding Conceptual Photo Projects

Fábio Miguel Roque is a 27 year old Portuguese photographer. He was born and also lives near Lisbon, Portugal. He had a passion to photography since early years: initially as a hobby than as a life project. Fábio says that his outlook at photography changes with age. He hopes to build an extensive career in […]

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Imago Pro Photography (Seun Idowu): Storytelling Pictures of Nigeria

Seun Idowu is a talented photographer. He is a lawyer by training and a creative person by nature. Seun is from Nigeria and he has lived there all his life. Seun’s photographs tell a story of Nigerian life flow and depict a lovely picture of its culture and people. It was a real pleasure for […]

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Liam Barker Photography: Talented Photographer with Refined Taste

Liam Barker is a photographer who lives in Kingston upon Hull, UK. He’s 17 years old and he is very keen on photography. Currently he’s studying A level photography, dance and applied science at 6th form college in East Yorkshire. Liam told us that he’s not a very academic person with English and science, but […]

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Greg Kiss Photography: The Tropic of Capricorn – a Time-Lapse Journey

Greg Kiss is a professional photographer from Germany. After a Diploma and PhD in business administration, Greg started a career as a management consultant in the field of Marketing and CRM in Germany. But since his first job there was always a desire to escape from “life in the fast lane”. After several trips to […]

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Alex Lake Photography: Surrealistic Underwater Series ‘Beneath the Surface’

Alex Lake is a very talented and professional photographer. He’s been living in Los Angeles since he was about 6 years old. Alex is an artist as well as a nerd. He watches hardly any TV, but loves movies. Alex loves socializing and getting things done. He also plays the ukulele: not terribly well but […]

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Aimee Bant Photography: Young Photographer with Surreal Conceptual Taste

Aimee Bant is a photographer and she’s 17. She lives and goes to a 6th form college in East Yorkshire, UK. Aimee studies photography, media and psychology at A level and she’s currently applying to study a film and photography course at university next year. It was a great pleasure for us to take an […]

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