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Jerrod Maruyama Illustrations

Cute Illustrations by Jerrod Maruyama

We’ve just taken an excluisve interview with Jerrod Maruyama and who is an illustrator and has very intersting style. Jerod was born and raised in San Jose, California. His early years he spent under performing at school, avoiding organized sports and drawing. He started out his career as a hack – attempting to copy his […]

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Nicole Bishopp Drawings

Mesmerizing Abstract Drawings by Nicole Bishopp

This interview is about Nicole Bishopp whose hobby is drawing. Nicole was born and raised in Maryland. She has traveled and lived all over the U.S. Working in the drawing medium, Nicole uses Sharpie marker to create the original design and then colors and re-draws some of the images digitally. She currently resides in WA […]

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Olesya Shambur Drawings

Fascinating Drawings by Olesya Shambur

In today’s interview Olesya Shambur witll tell us about her creativity and share the story of how she feels colors and draw them on paper. Olesya Shambur is one Ukrainian soul. She works as analyst and lobbyist for some time, I decided that if she wouldn’t balance out the pure analytical approach towards life with her […]

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Viktor Hertz Design

Pictograms, Honest Logos and Design by Viktor Hertz

Today we had an interview with Viktor Hertz, who is a famous for his project “Honest logos”. Viktor Hertz is a 28-year old guy from Uppsala, Sweden. He’s currently doing bits of this and that, but mostly freelance stuff in graphic design, although most of his projects are purely personal. He enjoys making posters and […]

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Irina Bryantseva Paintings

Irina Bryantseva: Fairytale World of Paintings

Irina Bryantseva was born and raised in Severodvinsk town in the North of Russia. In 2003 she graduated from school, in 2011 she graduated from Pomorski State University, with major in psychology and pedagogy. At the moment she is working in an orphanage, giving children all the love and care, as well as actively promoting […]

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Anna Tretiak

Versatile Desing and Illustration by Anna Tretiak

Anna Tretiak was born and has been living in Kiev (Ukraine) for the whole life. Since childhood she has been drawing, but her education has never been associated with the drawing – Anna is a physicist and also finished a school of physics and mathematics. But she always knew that she wouldn’t be involved in science, […]

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George Jennings

Contemporary Portrait Paintings by George Jennings

AP: Tell us your short biography. GJ: My name is George Jennings and I live in Seattle, WA U.S.A. who began my interest in art in my hometown of Washington, D.C. under the tutelage of my grandfather, accomplished Washington, D.C. artist John N. Robinson during the 1970’s. As a child, I entered and won many […]

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Irtsya Boyko

Drawings by Irtsya Boyko: the Game of Black and White Colors

AP: Tell us some words about yourslef. IB: I was born on February 22, 1992 in Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, Urkaine in the family which was not related to creativity. I started attending children’s art studio since I went to high school. And I’ve been studying there for six year.  Also I often participated in […]

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Dmitry Сukan

Realistic Drawings by Dmitry Tsukan

Dmitry Tsukan was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 6, 1988. Later he went to a local art-school, where he has been studying for 4 years. After he entered the art college named by N.Rerih and graduated from it. At the present time he is a 3rd year student of the Ilya Repin St. […]

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karen lucchese

Positive Drawings by Karen Lucchese

AP: Tell us some words about yourslef. KL: I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I had two brothers and a sister. My parents were normal working folks that didn’t really have a lot of extra money. But what we did have was a basement that was filled with arts and crafts supplies and […]

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