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Sarah Harvey Paintings: Incredibly Realistic Underwater Brushworks

Sarah Harvey is an artist who graduated in 2004 from Newcastle University and has been working in East London ever since. She currently is however having a studio built for her, so she is currently without a studio and looking forward to moving into the new one in a couple of months. It also is […]

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Brandon Steele Illustrations: Beautiful Narrative Pictures

Brandon Steele was born in 1988 and raised in California which a fairly simple childhood. His single hobby, when he was two-years-old, was coloring and watching cartoons. When he got a little older, that coloring turned into drawing, which Brandon did passionately all the way through high school, and he still watched cartoons. Brandon dabbled in […]

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Divya Suvarna Illustrations: Lovely Fantasy Drawings

Divya Suvarna is a designer by profession and illustrator by passion. She is also known by the nickname ‘Seishou-Chan’ on Deviantart. She is from Mumbai, India. She designs for a variety of products, apparel being her favorite in the design sphere. But mostly she enjoys putting on paper her own worlds and visions. It was […]

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Arseniy Lapin Animated Cartoons: Magnificent Stories of A Talented Artist

Arseniy Lapin is a professional artist, who was born in Mytishchi, Russia in 1977. In 1992 he entered the cartoon school. After graduating the college, he worked several years in a puppet theater as a master puppeteer and artist. He used to arrange exhibitions of his paintings in Moscow. Then he bought a house in […]

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Brian Despain Illustrations: Unusual World of Robots With Soul

Brian Despain lives and works in a world of robots, skulls and big puffy clouds. He’s been working most of his adult life as an illustrator and his artwork can be seen on the covers, and in the pages of a myriad of books and magazines, and behind the scenes of many video games and a […]

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Alice Pasquini Street Art: Wall Illustrations As Freedom Of Self Expression

Alice Pasquini is principally a visual artist, works as an illustrator, set designer and painter. Born in Rome, she has lived and worked in U.K., France and Spain. AliCè has travelled the world bringing her art to the streets of many countries. She has collaborated on illustration, graphic and design projects, including the graphic novel “Vertigine ed Rizzoli”. […]

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Feather Art by Ian Davie

Feather Art by Ian Davie: Meticulous Wildlife Paintings

Ian Davie feels privileged to work as an artist, the quiet contemplation this affords him, in a world governed by ever quicker turn around times and pressures of life. He lives in Dolgellau, in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, on a 70-acre farm, the scenic beauty of this area never ceases to inspire […]

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Juan Carlos Federico Illustrutations

Juan Carlos Federico: Illustrations that Cure Your Eyes

It has been a great pleasure for us to take the interview with Juan Carlos Federico, Argentine graphic designer and illustrator. He was a professor of Graphic Design at Buenos Aires University between 1992 and 1998. In 1992 he founded Signum Design Studio. He has also received several awards for corporate image design, editorial design […]

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Chaos and Structure

Tatiana Plakhova Illustrations: Breathtaking Complexity Graphics

Tatiana Plakhova is an illustrator who could combine art and science. She lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Her works are very unusual. By using mixed media software she creates beauty in details.  She owns the Complexity Graphics website where she uploads her portfolio. We were pleased to meet and take an interview with Tatiana Plakhova and […]

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Roberto Parada Paintings

Superb Oil Paintings by Roberto Parada

Paintings… how beautiful they are, if they were painted by a man who loves his profession. Recently we took an exclusive interview with Roberto Parada, a proffesional artist who was born in 1969 and raised in northern New Jersey in a town called North Arlingto. We interviewed  Roberto about his life and creativity and we are […]

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