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Lois van Baarle Illustrations

Lois van Baarle Success Story: Feminine Illustrations

Lois van Baarle is a digital artist and animator. Lois has been drawing her whole life. She is from the Netherlands, moved all around the world as a kid, and now lives in the Netherlands again, working as a freelance character designer and illustrator. It was a pleasure for us to take an interview with […]

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Hieu kelogsloops Illustrations

Hieu (kelogsloops): Ethereal Illustrations

Hieu is a 20-year-old student who goes under the artist alias of ‘kelogsloops’. Hieu is located in Melbourne, Australia and he has always had a passion for art. Growing up, he dreamt of becoming an illustrator at Disney, and he still thinks to this day, that dream holds quite true. It was a pleasure for […]

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Yulia Brodskaya Quilling: Lush and Vibrant Artworks

In this interview we are going to tell our readers about Yulia Brodskaya, quilling artist and illustrator. Quilling or paper filigree involves the placement of carefully cut and bent strips of paper that are glued together to create three-dimensional illustrations. After creating innovative paper illustrations Yulia has swiftly earned an international reputation as the paper […]

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Cyril Rolando Illustrations: Beautiful Otherworldly Artwork

Cyril Rolando is a digital illustrator, known as AquaSixio. He is 28 and he’s been working as a clinical psychologist for 6 years now. Cyril is French and he lives in the southern France. His artistic approach is set between surreal and fantasy style, in one word: Otherworldly. Cyril is a fantastic illustrator and it […]

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Greg Becker Illustrations: Humorous Drawings With Distinctly Nostalgic Feel

Greg Becker is a professional illustrator who lives in the United Kingdom, London. After spending far too many years at various art colleges he finally emerged into the world of commercial art completely unprepared. However, after his first daughter was born Greg decided to get his act together and somehow began forging a career as […]

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Viktor Hertz Design

Pictograms, Honest Logos and Design by Viktor Hertz

Today we had an interview with Viktor Hertz, who is a famous for his project “Honest logos”. Viktor Hertz is a 28-year old guy from Uppsala, Sweden. He’s currently doing bits of this and that, but mostly freelance stuff in graphic design, although most of his projects are purely personal. He enjoys making posters and […]

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