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Adriana Laura Mendez: Fabulous Handmade Wire Crochet Jewelry

Adriana Laura Mendez is a talented handmade jewelry designer, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated from University of Buenos Aires with a degree in botany. Before becoming an artisan, she was the owner of a landscaping company for more than 20 years. Even though she studied botany, Adriana always wanted to fulfill […]

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Maria Babetskaya Handmade Jewelry: Pure Beauty of Summer Touch

Maria Babetskaya is a handmade jewelry designer who was born in Russia, lived in Prague, Czech Republic for a while and after she moved back to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Now she lives in Siberia – a very eastern part of Russia. Maria graduated from the university having Public Relations degree and continued studying there to get Master […]

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Monika Mrozkova Handicrafts: Colorful and Happy Crocheted Items

Monika Mrozkova is a talented person who was born in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). She lived in the US for about 12 years with her son; they traveled over the country. ‘It was so inspiring!’ – Monika recalls. Now Monika is back in the Czech Republic. After her divorce she had a lot of […]

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Athena Drakopoulou Handicrafts: Beautiful World of Vintage Items

Athena Drakopoulou lives and works in Athens, Greece. She has studied graphic design, but never worked as a designer. Her professional career includes visual merchandising and window dressing, scenography, puppet making, art teaching to children and theatrical games with children and youngsters with special needs.  Athena has just opened her store in Athens dealing in […]

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Lyuba Tareeva: the Story about Unusual Krukrustudio Bags

This interview is about Lyuba and Max, two creative designers from Moscow, Russia. They work in Krukrustudio which is a small design studio, where unusual bags ​​from natural felt have been produced since the beginning of 2011. It all has been started in Moscow. Then Lyuba and Max have become popular in neighboring towns. And […]

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Handmade Crochet Items by Sandra Hodder

Nice Handmade Crochet Items by Sandra Hodder

Sandra Hodder lives in the small Community of Boat Harbor on the South Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Crafting is her favorite pass-time thing to do. She has been crafting for so long time that she couldn’t sit for a minute without actually doing crafts of some form or another. So, Sandra loves crafts and crafting. […]

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Handmade Items by Chryssa Theodoritsi

Handmade Gifts and Fanciful Graphic Design by Chryssa Theodoritsi

Chryssa Theodoritsi is a graphic designer who lives in Greece. Graphic design is what she does for a living. She is obsessed with dogs, cameras, cycling, chocolate, sun and, of course, handmade things. Sewing is one of her latest obsessions. It relaxes her after a hard day at work, and it makes Chryssa happy to […]

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Claire Manwani Pottery

Nice Pottery by Claire Manwani

Claire Manwani is originally from London, where she started learning pottery at a local arts centre in 1982.  She also studied for a while at Sir John Cass School of Art. Eventually Claire Manwani ended up working at the arts centre for 6 years, after which she ran a pottery studio with a couple of […]

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Wan Xin Fat Rabbit’s Factory

Fat Rabbit’s Handmade Factory by Wan Xin

Wan Xin is a creative person from Malaysia. She was born on December 4th, 1990. Now Wan Xin is studying degree in Mass communication. In spare time she likes drawing and sewing. She has been keen on making something special since her childhood, and sewing is one of her favorite hobbies. Wan Xin likes rainbow […]

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Kathleen Dalseno

Unusual Crafty Missus D Items by Kathleen Dalseno

Kathleen is an architect who has turned into fibre artist and graphic designer. Kathleen was born in Singapore, then she went to Australia, then – to Japan, and now she lives in Munich. Her love for the crafts must have come from her mother and the fact that for a short time, my parents had […]

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