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Ambika Subramaniam Design

Ambika Subramaniam: Ergonomically Designing Art Objects

 Ambika Subramaniam was born and raised in an Indian family in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is just today graduating with a BFA in Sculpture at Washington University in St. Louis (with a concentration in film and media studies). She will be attending Chelsea College of Art and Design in the fall at University of the […]

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Jewelry Design Challenge: Amazing Opportunity for Jewelry Designers

UncommonGoods is an online retailer founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York City.  They celebrate high quality art and design by supporting a large community of independent artists and designers. Right now they have an ongoing Jewelry Design Challenge. All of you have a great chance to win a Grand Prize: $500 and an […]

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Luiz De Basto Designs: Luxury Yacht Exteriors And Interiors

Luiz De Basto is a professional yacht designer. Today he shared with us very useful information about yacht design. It will be interested for both beginners and professionals. Luiz De Basto was born in Angola and spent his childhood there. With the war his family moved to Brazil where he went to college and got […]

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Christien Starkenburg’s SlowWood: Unpretentious, Sober and Serene Design

Christien Starkenburg was born in 1966. She is an interior designer and art director of interior shop, which is the family business of Jan de Jong Interieur (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) that was founded in 1899. Christien has been always fascinated by utilities as tools, machines, industrial steps and stairs, trolleys etc… This is no wonder, being […]

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Anastasia Maltseva: New Stylish Collection of Clothes Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Two months ago we took an interview with Anastasia Maltseva, a creative fashion designer from Ukraine. She has sent us her new collection of stylish clothes fall/winter 2011/2012. Contact Information Vkontakte

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Jory Brigham Design

Jory Brigham Design: Fabulous Furniture For The Most Demanding Palates

Jory Brigham is a creative and innovative designer who lives in San Luis Obispo, California. Jory is a very talented designer who created a unique collection of furniture that takes your breath away.  Each and every single piece is crafted by hand. Jory uses only organic wood materials for it, which are growing in nature. […]

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Michael Schougaard Svane Design

Michael Schougaard Svane: Minimalist Furniture Design

Michael Schougaard Svane is a designer with fresh and minimalistic look at things. He was actively engaged into a design education and had high expectations for the future. After writing his thesis and graduating with top marks in product design, Michael decided to obtain a Bachelor Degree of Industrial Design, Furniture. It was a pleasure for us to take an interview with Michael Schougaard Svane and we are […]

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Liviu Tudoran Car Design

Liviu Tudoran Car Design: Great Exterior and Interior Concepts

Liviu Tudoran is 21 year old student with a strong passion to automotive design. He studies at IED Turin, Transportation design faculty (2nd year). He gained an experience in various fields such as interior/product design and concept art. Liviu is always open to learn more and develop skills in different design areas. To our opinion […]

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Clothes Made of Recyclable Materials by Arthur Brazhe

Have you ever seen the collection of clothes made of recyclable materials?! In this interview Russian designer Arthur Brazhe is going to tell our readers what has inspired him to make such innovative masterpieces. Arthur was born in the town of Kapustin Yar-1 (the Astrakhan region, Russia) in the family of serviceman. In 1990 his […]

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Piergil Fourquie Design

Piergil Fourquie Design: Beauty In Every Detail

Piergil (Pierre-Gilles Fourquié) is a designer who was born in 1979 in Paris (France). He studied at ENSAAMA (Olivier de Serres) school of Art and Design in Paris (1999-2001) for a first graduation. He graduated with honours in the BIAD (Birmingham institute of Art and design) in England in 2002 (BA in industrial/product design). It was a pleasure for us to […]

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