Spectacular Urban Photography by Iva Kucherenko

Iva Kucherenko is an urban photography. We love the way Iva takes her pictures. It has been a pleasure for us to take an interview with Iva Kucherenko who shared some interesting facts of her biography. We wish you a pleasant reading of Iva Kucherenko success story and viewing of her spectacular urban photography.

AP: Iva, please tell us some words about yourself.

Iva: I am Aries. That says it all.

Iva Kucherenko Photography

AP: Your first works. What did they look like? Was there something that inspired you?

Iva: I’m a visual person and any picture or anything that can be seen is my inspiration. Music is my inspiration too. It happens that the desired music can be heard at the right time and new images of the future pictures appear in the mind. When I was a child I was more involved in sport than in art. But probably not, I also was engaged into applied art; I used to create snowflakes at the new year eve, valentines cards and etc. As for the photos, the first deliberate shots (with intention to “take beautiful pictures” not just “a simple report”), I took after my father gave me his camera to shoot flowers, while we were walking in the botanical garden, and then said that I did well. Here it is, the power of pedagogy.

AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere?

Iva: No, I don’t have any degree in photography.

AP: Tell us about the genres you tried yourself in.

Iva: I love to experiment, but still prefer portraits and urban photography, sometimes, I prefer reportage photography, I like to shoot a variety of backstages.

Iva Kucherenko Photography

AP: Can your works be characterized as unique and unusual?

Iva: There is no particular originality or uniqueness in my works, according to the technical or artistic point of view. If it is a portrait, I’m trying to just catch the right moment in a glance of models.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use?

Iva: Any photo camera, even homemade. The software I use is Photoshop. But I try not to overuse it.

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere? 

Iva: No, I’m not a professional and I do not aspire to be called so. Professional is probably the one who knows exactly how to fulfill the wishes of the client, to the last comma in the brief. It never works with me. I shoot what I like, and then somebody likes it or not. But now there are images of “talented amateurs” and “nuggets”, and it’s helping out.

Iva Kucherenko Photography

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

Iva: My models help me, because otherwise no one would exist in the pictures and of course my friends. It’s very flattering, when the model values your works and she is looking for cooperation herself; when it is not necessary to alter and ask her to play “the right way.”

AP: What is your success formula?

Iva: There is no formula. I am just trying to implement ideas which I invented in my mind. But everybody does it, so it’s no secret.

 Iva Kucherenko PhotographyIva Kucherenko Photography Iva Kucherenko Photography Iva Kucherenko Photography Iva Kucherenko Photography Iva Kucherenko Photography

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