Sculptures by Stacey Lee Webber: Feel the Spirit of American Culture

Stacey Webber Sculpture

Stacey Webber

Stacey Lee Webber’s story about her creativity is really exciting.

In this interview you’ll read about the artist who uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to create objects out of found materials which depict the struggles of the American working class heroes.

AP:  Please tell our readers how you originally became interested in making sculptures.

SW: I fell in love with making handmade objects early on in life and continued learning different techniques more extensively in college, at Ball State University.  I studied under some great teachers, Patricia Nelson and Kenton Hall, and then moved on to graduate school studying under Lisa Gralnick.  They really shaped me as a person and legitimized my love for objects.

Stacey Webber SculptureAP:  Is there anyone or anything that influences your work or inspires you?

SW: My neighborhood in Philadelphia continually inspires me.  The American pride and struggling working class is obvious in my northeast neighborhood – Port Richmond.  Moving from the Midwest where I was born, raised and educated to Philadelphia has influenced the evolution of my artwork. There is grit to the environment and an edge into the people that is not found in the Midwest. It validates making objects for the people.

AP:  Your sculptures look very unusual. What makes your sculptures amazing and different from the rest?

Stacey Webber SculptureSW: I don’t think I should be the judge of that. I am just making things that I believe in.

AP:  What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to create the sculptures?

SW: All of the coin objects are silver soldered together with an acetylene metalsmithing torch.  I often work with jeweler’s tools such as a jeweler’s saw, pliers, files, flex shaft, etc. to bend, saw, pierce, and texture the material.

Stacey Webber SculptureAP: What is the most difficult aspect of bringing your sculptures into the public eye?

SW: Being able to keep up with making objects while balancing press, commissions, teaching, and emails.  Because I have thus far not had gallery representation, I am balancing all aspects of getting work out there to collectors, galleries, museums, etc.

Stacey Webber SculptureIt is challenging but at the end of the day I am fully in-charge of the fabrication and publicity of the work and have freedom to edit myself, apply to exhibitions, and make the work I choose.

AP: Any exciting new art-projects or exhibitions on the horizon?

SW: Lot of new work will be exhibited at the following:

Stacey Webber SculptureAP: Who or what is the essential part of your creativity?

SW: Friends, Family, Animals and Joseph Leroux.

AP: Would you like to wish something to AstrumPeople?

SW: Thanks for your interest and keep checking out my website to see new projects at my web-site!

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