Roger Brooks Photography: Gorgeous Architectural, Interior and Landscape Pictures

Roger Brooks Photography

Roger Brooks is a professional photographer. Mostly he specializes in architectural, interior and landscape photography. We really like Roger’s shots and decided to contact him regarding the interview. It was a real pleasure for us to take an interview with Roger Brooks and we are happy to share it with you too. Enjoy reading a very interesting story about photography at AstrumPeople.

AP: Roger, I’m glad that that you gave such great opportunity to take an interview about your creativity.  Thank you. Could you please tell us few words about yourself? Your very short biography.

Roger: I was born and raised in England. Worked there for a number of years and qualified as a civil engineer. My last salaried job was with a large international construction firm. The main reason I joined them was a job opportunity in New Brunswick, Canada and I loved to travel. Worked there for a year and had the chance to travel all around Canada and into the States. I bought my first serious camera in St. John, New Brunswick – a second hand 35mm Minolta and I still have it. After returning to the UK I was then sent to Cali, Colombia. This was where our office was and work was happening in a small coastal town called Tumaco, so we flew back and forth doing supervision. During my off time I got more and more into photography. The job only lasted 6 months, but I returned to S. America in 1978 and travelled for 3 months in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. I hiked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. During this trip I really became passionate about photography (this is when you think anything you shoot surpasses anything Ansel Adams ever did!). I returned to the UK briefly and then lived for a while in Denmark, where I exhibited my S. American photos and France. I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1980, which is where I currently live.

Roger Brooks Photography

AP: Thank you for such detailed introduction into your creative life. It’s very interesting.  And what got you started?

Roger: After moving to Vancouver I immediately became involved with a cooperative studio and darkroom set up. Surrounded by others involved in creating various types of imagery was very inspiring and great for learning different techniques, information about equipment, resources, etc. I honed my darkroom skills there. I also put an architectural photography portfolio together and started contacting architects for work.

AP: Oh, I see now. Thanks to your environment you were involved into the creative world of photography. Do you have any formal education in photography or were you self-taught?

Roger: I was self-taught. Just took some night classes, mainly on B&W and colour darkroom. Read a lot, practiced a lot.

AP:  What genre are your images?

Roger: I’ve always specialized in architectural, interior and landscape photography. I’ve tried different genres, such as studio sets, editorial portraiture. Came up with some interesting work and techniques and was even published a number of times. Always came back to architecture, which I feel is where my strength and personality lies. Probably to do with my civil engineering background!

Architectural Photography

AP: Yes, it’s true. Your architectural photos are very beautiful. How would you describe your images?

Roger: Create an interest using focus and light. Keep shots simple and well framed. I like to tell a story with the projects I shoot and that usually involves lots of detail shots.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to take your pictures?

Roger: I use the Canon 5D MkII mainly with the 24 and 45mm tilt/shift lenses. Bridge and PS5 for processing. Also use my iPhone a lot and enjoy using some of the apps available.

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in photography?

Roger: I’d consider myself pretty good as an architectural shooter. I’ve certainly put in the hours if that qualifies me as an expert! But, I know I’m constantly learning.

Architectural Photography

AP: By the way, Roger, could you please share your success formula in your activity?

Roger: I try to be consistent and come up with something different each time I shoot. For each project I give 100+%, there are no half measures. People are unhappy if you don’t do a good job, they know and word gets around. You have to be positive and pleasant on shoots. I use humour a lot. I communicate and make people and clients aware of new work. I have exhibited and entered contests and won awards. My most prestigious award was gold at a major art exhibition in Paris, France. I received excellent press from that and an interest in my work.

AP: That is fantastic! My sincere congratulations. Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Roger: My family and relatives are very positive. Especially my wife, who has supported all the ups and downs of being a freelancer. It’s been quite tough sometimes, but now I feel I’m into a new era of creativity since getting a handle on digital shooting, which I switched to in 2006. I love this work!

Roger Brooks Photography

AP: Would you be so kind to give a piece of advice for those who are starting their careers in photography?

Roger: Well, obviously the images have to be strong. Hone the shooting skills, shoot what you really love to shoot (it will show), put a book together and a good website. Ask for advice, find a mentor. Questions, lots of them. Think about how you want to present yourself (do you communicate well) – do you come across as a passionate professional who is confident about their work and about what they can bring to a project. When you have these skills bound together, then you start knocking on doors. Try to get published, win contests to get noticed. Social Media presence and good SEO. All works. Don’t STOP! One day you’ll make a living at it (not easy) and life will be GOOD because you, unlike many, are doing what you love to do and you will not stop.

We’d like to thank Roger for his interesting and informative story about photography and wish him inspiration, motivation and continued success in his further career. If you wish to learn more about Roger Brooks photography feel free to visit his website. There you will find plenty of amazing interior, landscape and architectural photography.

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