“Noise Hand Made” by Daria Gnidash: Handicraft Created with All the Heart and Soul

Daria Gnidash is a young aspiring jewelry and accessories designer. She was born in a small cozy town of Murom (Russia). There she was studying at art school. Daria takes a great interest in beautiful and nice small handicrafts. She likes handmade articles, and therefore makes them by herself with all her heart and soul.

Getting Started

AP: Tell us your story of inspiration. How did it all begin? 

DG: I became interested in jewelry at the age of 17. My source of inspiration, perhaps, was the material – polymer clay (plastic). I got to know about it by chance, on the Internet, when I was setting up on the creative forums in the evenings. Big bright earrings were my first handmade item. As soon as I posted the picture of that handicraft online, people expressed a desire to buy it. I even had no idea to make jewelry for sale. However, now jewelry and accessories design is my little business which makes a profit.

AP: How do you improve your skills in your favorite art?

DG: I graduated from art school when I was a child. However, as for handicraft, I have mastered this kind of creativity on my own. At first, I often relied on my intuition. Every day I tried to perfect my skills. I also worked with a variety of materials other than plastics. At the moment I’m working with wood, textiles, plastics, fittings and other materials.

Daria Gnidash

Daria Gnidash

Genre of Handicraft

AP: What genre are you works?

DG: I prefer experiments. At first, I worked with plastics. Then I set about painting of wide wooden bangles. Once upon a time I was taking away in my grandmother’s trunk, and there I found a beautiful fabric. As a consequence, in the same night I made a couple of textile brooches. In this sense – I’m unpredictable.

AP: Describe your works. How do they look like?

DG: My jewelry is unique, because every thing is handmade and created with all my heart and soul. It is also worth bearing in mind that all jewelry and accessories are in a single copy. You won’t see the same brooch or earrings.

Daria Gnidash

Daria Gnidash

Working Process of Jewelry Making

AP: What is the process of making handicrafts? What materials do you need?

DG: I need many materials to create my jewelry. The basic materials are plastic, acrylic paint, accessories, fabrics, beads, feathers, wooden basis and varnish. Now I’ll tell you about the process. Firstly, you need inspiration. Secondly, draw your invented item on a sheet of paper to create a sketch of the product. If the jewelry is polymer clay, it is first attached to the form, and then is baked in oven to become solid. After baking, wait till the item dries and start painting. Varnish the handicraft to make it durable. Decoration is ready!

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?

DG: I do not consider myself as an absolute expert. I improve my skills with every handmade item and I try different materials for decoration. There are no limits towards perfection!

Daria Gnidash

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

DG: Of course! My close people give me a moral support. Every creative person needs it.

AP: What is your success formula?

DG: Every item I invent is made with the tenderness and warmth – its owner should feel joy while wearing it. I’m pleased when people like my jewelry – that inspires for the creation of new ones.

AP: What are your plans for future?

DG: Now I’m planning to start sewing clothes. In my head I have an idea to create a collection of dresses. However, I do not want to go into details, let it be a secret 🙂
Daria Gnidash Daria Gnidash

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