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Nidhin G Poothully is photographer, illustrator and designer. He was 11+ years as a Tech Lead for top IT companies like America Online (AOL), MacAfee & AXA, he quit the job and took up photography as his full time profession. It was a real pleasure for us to take an interview with Nidhin G Poothully and learn more about his photography. Wish you a pleasant reading of the beautiful story and viewing of Nidhin G Poothully photography at AstrumPeople.

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Magic Lighting

AP: Nidhin, it’s nice to see you here. We are glad that you agreed to dedicate some of your priceless time for the interview. Could you please tell me what got you started?

Nidhin: I was bitten by the shutterbug in my early teens. Right from my schooldays when all my friends were busy playing sports or other games, I spent my free time trying to understand nature and wildlife. I learned much from magazines and from watching TV – I owe a lot to those lovely television channels that carry natural history and wildlife programs.

I am really fascinated by the checks and balances in the wild: how animals maintain a life of balance and discipline without authoritative policing! I’ve been going to wildlife sanctuaries with close friends and each time I take a trip, I learn a tremendous amount of experience. Every visit to the wilderness is an opportunity to bring back something new that I had not discovered. Learning is not always in books and classrooms – often the best lessons are out there waiting to be absorbed.

AP: Wildlife nature is something we don’t know much about. Do you have any formal education in photography or were you self-taught?

Nidhin: I started photographing with a Yashica film camera and shot for almost 10+ years. Photography was a restricted affair then, and there were not many workshops or courses offered. My learning was more or less by observing the internationally acclaimed photographs, and some articles. This was probably a blessing in disguise, as it has helped me to attain an individual style. I was not lucky to attend any photography workshops in those days. Later once getting into IT, I bought my first digital camera – Canon S1-IS and started clicking everything around me.

Nidhin G Poothully Photography


AP: Despite all the challenges you’ve managed to overcome all of them. And that is great! By the way, what genre are your photos?

Nidhin: At heart, I’m a wildlife photographer. What I did outside the school hours was more meaningful. From a very early age I had a great interest in nature. I used to visit wildlife sanctuaries near to my home. Each visit created an emotional attachment with the place. Later I realized that this is ‘my thing’. I started trying to sincerely contribute for a noble cause – the green campaign.

AP: How would you describe your photos?

Nidhin: An expression of myself, my joy, my pleasure, and my excitements. I create what I enjoy and many enjoy what I create (hmm..?)

AP: And what inspires you on a daily basis?

Nidhin: Nature, with its all diversity. Also, no matter how many times you see an object, you can always have a second glance at it, in a different angle (pun intended). Realize the potential of the thought, and you know what inspires me.  In addition, it’s always a pleasure when someone else sees what I have seen through my lens, and appreciates it.

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Minky Business

AP: I agree with you that the wildlife nature is the one of the greatest sources for inspiration. What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to take your pictures?

Nidhin: I use Canon 5D Mark II Canon 17-40mm, Canon 70-200mm f2.8, Canon 50mm and Speedlites for the wedding assignments which I do now. I always shoot in RAW and DPP to convert to TIFF. I use Photoshop, Lightroom for processing, converting to the final JPG.

AP: What are your plans for future?

Nidhin: Wedding photography is what I am doing right now, I like to capture the energy in weddings, and also, this makes me a bread winner for the family. The wild life pictures I cover, I intend to use it for generating awareness for conservation. I’m organizing photography workshops and nature camps with the hope of creating the same passion for wildlife that I have in the participants. In future, I hope to organize some exhibitions as well.

I don’t want to commercialize wildlife that I am passionate about. That said, nowadays I organize photography workshops and nature camps that help me to sail towards the direction I want to go.

AP: We wish you to achive all of your set goals. Do you have any formula for success in photography? Do you participate in contents or organize exhibitions?

Nidhin: I would say, 3 P’s: Patience, Passion and Professionalism. An exhibition down the line. Not into any contents so far.

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Bee Eater

AP: Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Nidhin: My wife is always a great support for my photography. She take care of kids when am away for my assignments. Many thanks to Dad, Mom and my friends who really encouraged me on my earlier days.

AP: Could you give any piece of advice for those who try to discover their talent and cultivate it?

Nidhin: Talking about wildlife photography, you need to master the photography techniques and you should possess a complete knowledge of the subject in front of you. Do your homework to familiarize the subject, their environment, way to approach them, how do they retaliate etc. Point your lens at something, only if your heart tells you so. Respect what you are shooting; also know why you like to capture that.

AP: Would you like to wish something to AstrumPeople?

It’s a great place to be in. It’s surely a great place to share and learn for the novice and professionals. Wishing Good Luck…!

We’d like to thank Nidhin G Poothully for sharing such interesting story with us. We wish him brilliant success, continued inspiration and of course much happiness. To learn more about Nidhin G Poothully photography, please visit his personal webpage.

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Black Buck

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Pond Heron

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Jungle Fowl

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Southern Hill Myna

Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Wayanad Unwind

Nidhin G Poothully Photography


Nidhin G Poothully Photography

Cattle Egret

Nidhin G Poothully Photography


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