Monika Mrozkova Handicrafts: Colorful and Happy Crocheted Items

Monika Mrozkova

Monika Mrozkova

Monika Mrozkova is a talented person who was born in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). She lived in the US for about 12 years with her son; they traveled over the country. ‘It was so inspiring!’ – Monika recalls. Now Monika is back in the Czech Republic. After her divorce she had a lot of free time, so she returned to all the hobbies she used to do back in the day. Now Monika’s main hobbies are knitting, crochet and photography. And the hobbies are her job, too. Today Monika will tell our readers about her experience in crochet and share the secrets of making handicrafts. It was a honor for us to take an interview with Monika Mrozkova and we wish you a pleasant viewing of Monika Mrozkova handicrafts.

AP: Nice to meet you, Monika! Thank you for finding the time to give us an interview. Your handicrafts are so bright and nice! Please, tell our readers about first steps in making crocheted items. When did you make the first item? And how did it look like?

Monika: I’ve been crocheting since I was very little, and I was taught the basics by my awesome grandmother. My first crocheted item was a scarf. I remember I was not so happy with the result :). After that I started making crochet clothes for my doll. That’s looks much better.

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Hana the Hippo Coaster

AP: So, what did happen next? How do you gain new knowledge in the art of crochet?

Monika: I’m not sure if we can talk about art of crochet :). Simply I love colorful happy things. And I love to make many things by myself. The true is I never took any course or something like that. I have so many books about crocheting and knitting. I read them for inspiration. But my knowledge is just my practice and practice ;).

AP: Having so much experience, could you tell our readers about equipment and techniques you use to make crocheted items?

Monika: Hooks! I use so many hooks… I crochet only from natural material like cotton yarn, hemp and string. My technique is basic crochet mostly. Couple weeks ago I started tapestry crochet.

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Crochet Lion the King of Jungle

AP: You got started telling us about your handicrafts. Could you tell us what genre are your works? How would you describe them?

Monika: My work is HAPPY! I think we all need something colorful and happy. I crochet mostly small things for home: coasters, bowls, place mats and etc. I think people love them and this is the reason why I started to sell my patterns also. I’m a strong believer of everything that is handmade. My motto is: ‘If you can’t buy, you can still make it! Just try it!’

AP: Your motto sounds inspiring! Now let’s talk about inspiration. What does inspire you on a daily basis?

Monika: I believe inspiration was given to us as a gift. When I’m inspired I feel so alive :). I’m inspired by reading about other people. Some stories are so inspiring and I love to hear about their lives, struggles and successes. I really love when ordinary people can make extraordinary things. Also I love positive quotes. First thing what I do every morning is reading a positive quote! My friends inspire me, too. I’m so blessed I have wonderful friends! And the big inspiration is writing about my dreams and goals in a journal.

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Sheep Coasters

AP: Do you have any formula for success in your life? What do you do to reach your goals?

Monika: I read ‘Unlimited Power’ by Anthony Robbin and I believe we should have a target in mind. We have to know what we want. This is my formula for success. As I’ve told you, I’m writing about my goals in journal. I have a plan and I’m making small steps to achieve them.

AP:  What are the three golden tips that you can give to our readers?


  • Try to find what you love for living.
  • Go for it!
  • Just believe and keep going.
Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Crochet Christmas Reindeer

AP:  Would you like to wish something to AstrumPeople?

Monika: I would like to wish you so many interviews with gifted people and bunch of readers. Your online magazine is wonderful and you will GROW!

Thank you, Monika, for your kind words and sharing such interesting stories with us! Your handicrafts can put people in good spirits thanks to positive energy and bright colors. We wish you good luck, fresh ideas and great inspiration in your creativity! To learn more about Monika Mrozkova handicrafts feel free to visit her pages on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest and Etsy.

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Crochet Cow Coaster Pattern
Mooo…Hello,my name is Candy. I’m the happiest cow in the world and I would like to be your friend.I can be your coaster or an applique for your pillow,blanket or you can frame me too. So many possibility… I’m big enough for a favorite mug or small morning bowl!

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Crochet Pattern – Owl Coaster

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Crochet Coasters – Pig

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Spring Flower Coasters

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Crochet Coasters – Mr. and Mrs. Monkey

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Tree Coasters

Monika Mrozkova handicrafts

Yellow Happy Face Coasters

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