Meaningful and Stylish Clothing by Anastasia Maltseva

Anastasia Maltseva

Anastasia Maltseva

Anastasia Maltseva is a young designer of clothes who lives and works in Ukraine. She is a purpose-driven person and a perfectionist by nature. Every item created by her hands is stylish, eccentric, and puzzling. What is the puzzle? And what is the key to understanding it? Anastasia will tell our readers in her exclusive interview for AstrumPeople.

AP: Tell us about the first steps you made in your creativity.

AM: What do I want to do in my life? I found the answer to this question relatively early – I was just five years old. And since I have never changed my decision – I was sure that design is my vocation. The film was a little piece of inspiration. The pictures of it have stayed with me for my whole life. The film is about a woman who is confident and statuesque. She knows what she wants to achieve in her life.

She walks into her store of wedding dresses, and buyers come to see her and ask for advice: how to pick up a hat, which veil would be the best. For them, her opinion is essential. In my opinion, that’s great! And this story has become a crucial impetus in my life.

At the age of 11, I went to the sewing courses, which I initially was not permitted to attend because of my very young age. However, a bit later, I was allowed to come to the classes; it was something like an experiment. When I started to cope with tasks and do the job better than others (older women), a teacher approached my mom and said: “It’s wonderful that you have believed in your daughter’s talent – it is her vocation.”

AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere, or were you self-taught?

Anastasia MaltsevaAM: My сreativity is my job. My job is my creativity. They are inseparable parts of me. I am happy that my profession brings me lots of joy and pleasure. After all, I can share my emotions and feelings with others.

I already have a good experience, but I do not stop learning new techniques and improving my professional skills. I gained new knowledge on technical and creative methods – working with artists. I am greedy for knowledge. I need to know everything.

AP: Do you like working in some specific genre? Or do you prefer genre experiments?

AM: I don’t think I’m a designer who can already experiment with genres. I need the time to present my style. In other words, I want to show my soul through the clothes I design. I believe that the experiments are appropriate when you are recognized. When you have not got recognition yet – I think it should be a search and framing of your style rather than experiments in genres.

Anastasia MaltsevaAP: Can your works be characterized as unique and unusual?

AM: I have been a designer for nine years—almost half my life dedicated to my profession. I like what I do very much; I appreciate it – that’s the sense of my life. My work is like my sister or a child – I have been staying with it all my life. Naturally, during this time, I have developed some skills, but I still have not stopped for a moment – I will continue to improve them as long as I am not confident that I am an absolute expert in this sphere.

AP: What is your success formula?

AM: It’s straightforward. All I need is excellent perseverance and hard work.

AP:  Do you have any achievements to tell our readers about?

Anastasia MaltsevaAM: One of the first projects I participated in was “Miss Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University,” 2007. I worked as a designer for the Faculty of International Relations. I developed a three fashion image and diligently worked on them.

I also participated in the National Art Festival “Valiza Fest,” where I presented my collection “The First Step.” I also attended Kharkiv Fashion Day.

As for my plans – they are great! But I’ll talk about them as soon as they appear. The only thing I can share – this is my work on a new project. Soon, you may see its results.

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

AM: I prefer working alone and creating everything myself – from the sketch to the clothing items. But, sometimes feel I lack time, as I have many orders. I hope to find a quality assistant who can help me with sewing. But for now, I’m scared to trust someone.

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