Lyuba Tareeva: the Story about Unusual Krukrustudio Bags

lyubov tareeva designThis interview is about Lyuba and Max, two creative designers from Moscow, Russia. They work in Krukrustudio which is a small design studio, where unusual bags ​​from natural felt have been produced since the beginning of 2011. It all has been started in Moscow. Then Lyuba and Max have become popular in neighboring towns. And later, thanks to the Internet, their works have been presented to the whole world. “To create something new from scratch – it’s completely different than working for someone else. Creativity gives you an unforgettable feeling of joy, as it brings to others positive and bright emotions! “- Lyuba says.

Krukrustudio Bags gives a sense of happiness, and you start recalling the times of childhood, when every object seemed to you significant, vibrant and full of secrets. The idea of game, the mood and the beauty of shape – all these come to life again, as the objects, which were created once and later became popular with the crowds, are made again of unusual material. They appear from an unexpected side.

lyubov tareeva designAP: When did you first discover your passion for art?

LT: In 2008 I moved to Moscow and became interested in handicraft. I had an idea to create own online store & gallery of handmade items. But at that time I faced with lack of knowledge to promote the web-site, and I didn’t know anyone who could help me in a new city, too. It looked like a hindrance, but I didn’t lose heart.

Next 3 years I was engaged in the manufacture of various pretty handmade items: jewelry, painted postcards, portraits from photos, milled book covers, rag toys. I was distributing and selling them to my friends. I usually turned them over to the offline stores.

The idea of ​​creating handmade bags came to me and Max in January 2011. We had a desire to cooperate with a network of handmade shops in Moscow – we wanted our bags to be wide-spread and bought by fans of original things, as we knew that these people could become frequent visitors of the network.

Upon reflection, what, in our opinion, was a missing link in the the range of network’s goods, we started to create a youth collection bags – objects that combine youth trends with our vision of originality and beauty of shapes and positive creative ideas.

lyubov tareeva designAP: How do you gain new knowledge about making hand-made bags?

LT: In our case, we started this project from scratch, in the sense that no one has never invested money in our project. And we gained new knowledge. We  learned from our mistakes. What is more, Max is my friend and partner. He has a professional education and experience in outerwear sewing .

AP: Please, tell our readers about the genres you tried yourself in.

LT: We like genre experiments. At the beginning we draw scratch on a paper and then make cardboard or foam model. After that we sew a pattern. We always experiment to facilitate cut of an item and to minimize the details, and still get a recognizable form, known to everyone and presented from the new side. We can say that we are like children who play with the things of this world!  With all this, it is necessary to keep the bag’s functionality. This idea is a continuous experiment, and we are pleased that so far our creativity is successful!

AP: How would you describe your hand-made bags?

lyubov tareeva designLT: These bags can be a good  present which can be a reminder of forgotten happy childhood, with its ingenuous world-view. Children always know how to interest themselves! I still remember those moments of childhood, when I was standing in the queue with a milk can. And many people knew this feeling! These bright moments will stay in the head forever! Or, let’s remember the ordinary helicopter flying over the house. The mysterious sound of the propellers is a delight! With this bag you can always just raise your friend’s spirit. As usual, we work, work all day long or spend our weekdays in the hectic metropolis. We miss bright emotions. Those, who used to hurry up, forget about the beauty of the world where we live.

AP: What kind of equipment and materials do you use to make the bags?

LT: All bags we made on a conventional sewing machine. This machine is Veritas and it was bought in Soviet times. From the very beginning we deliberately chose to take only the best materials for the bags – natural Spanish felt, reliable fittings, and, of course, we aim to further improvement of the quality of the bags we create.

AP: Do you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?

LT: Expert is someone who completely knows and understands his profession and its finesse. We want to become experts. This is not so easy, since, to lead own business… You must simultaneously learn how to organize the whole process. How to be a good designer and tailor?! How should you promote the web-site on the Internet?!  How to present your products successfully and be a good sales agent?! In general, how to be this little Corporation of happiness?!  🙂

lyubov tareeva designAP: What are your plans for the future?

LT: In the near future we are planning to organize the production of bags and expand youth collection. We want to work with interesting design shops and galleries in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and throughout the world. We participated in several exhibitions of handmade items in Russia, and we hope to participate there again.

AP: Is there anyone who gives you support you in your creativity?

LT: Maxim is my friend and partner. About a year ago he agreed to develop this business together with his experience and education in sewing of clothing. Since we work together. We are very inspired by well-meaning customer reviews and just people who look at our bags and enjoy excitement  they got.

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