Liam Barker Photography: Talented Photographer with Refined Taste

Liam Barker

Liam Barker

Liam Barker is a photographer who lives in Kingston upon Hull, UK. He’s 17 years old and he is very keen on photography. Currently he’s studying A level photography, dance and applied science at 6th form college in East Yorkshire. Liam told us that he’s not a very academic person with English and science, but he’s good at maths in a way, but when it comes to creativity he’s a wizard at it. It was a real pleasure for us to take an interview with Liam Barker and learn some interesting facts of his biography. Enjoy reading and viewing of Liam Barker photography on AstrumPeople.

AP: Liam, thank you very much for finding the time to give us an interview. This a real pleasure for us! Please tell us what made you to get involved in photography?

Liam: The first time I ever wanted to start photography is when I was at the age of 11. My father had interest in photography and I liked the way he used the camera to manipulate the scene. I also liked the way he used Photoshop to enhance the image to create a whole new photo.

Liam Barker Photography

Panorama world, Alfred Gelder Street, Kingston upon Hull, England

AP: Great, that your father inspired you to become a photographer. That’s wonderful! Where did you get your photography knowledge and skills?

Liam: At the moment I am currently studying photography as an A-level at college, but previously one of my units in the creative and media diploma higher tier I have selected to do photography; this gave me skills from the basics of photography and knowledge about photography.

AP: Liam, what genre are your photos?

Liam: I’m a mix of genre. I like to do surrealism; I like to take natural photographs such as flowers etc., motion blur, and text on photographs and more. I’m still learning new skills; therefore I will be broad with what I like the most. Surrealism does take a lot of time to make sure the photograph has no errors in it what’s so ever. Natural this is only limited on what you can do with it, just taking photographs of nature, flowers is my main topic in nature. I do like to experiment to make sure my photographs are outstanding and that they beat every other photographers work.

Liam Barker Photography

Water droplets

AP: That is a very nice approach and you are doing well on it! How would you describe your pictures?

Liam: I would describe my work as unique to a certain extent, because most of my work is influences from other photographers, but adapted my work to make it my own.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to take your pictures?

Liam: The camera that I started with was just normal digital camera that couldn’t really do much such as long exposure, but now I have been using a Canon 450D SLR. This has really opened opportunities on gaining experience and knowledge on how far I can go with developing my photographs even further. The type of lenses that I use is 75mm – 300mm, 55mm and a macro lens. Software that I use is Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Liam Barker Photography

Wave swinger

AP: Liam, do you have any dream project? Could you please share your thoughts about it?

Liam: My dream is to set up my own business and to be in partnership with another photography company that is big/well known. And work towards a final photograph that I can frame and sell to the world.

AP: This is an amazing dream and we wish it to definitely come true! Do you have a success formula in your creativity? What do you do to reach your goals?

Liam: The success on reaching my goal is to work really hard to come up with a new idea that is mind blowing, something that beats all the other photographers. Aimee Bant and I are organising an exhibition at the art-link centre down Princes Avenue in Hull that will be start of March to the end of April 2013. Also 12 of my photographs have been accepted on vogue Italia.

Liam Barker Photography

AP: This is fantastic! We hope you exhibition will attract many visitors! Who is one person you would like to see interviewed on Astrum People?

Liam: I would personally like to see Celia Henderson to be interviewed.

AP: Thank you for your recommendation. We will definitely contact Celia Henderson and make everything possible to take an interview with her. Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Liam: My father supports me with the financial support, so when I need either a new camera or a new lens I go through him to help me fund it. My photography teacher at college helps me with coming up with new ideas when I’m stuck, also with new techniques that I can use on Photoshop to make the photo look more professional.

Liam Barker Photography


AP: Tell us three lessons you believe are really important for every photographer?


  • Every photographer needs imagination and creativity to be able to come up with outstanding new work. I believe this is lesson one as it is the main asset.
  • Lesson two is to learn everything from how to use the camera to editing photographs in Photoshop or any other source of editing.
  • Finally lesson three is to be noticed by the public. There is no point photographing outstanding work and not publishing these photographs to the world.

Liam, thank you so much once again for sharing such a wonderful story on photography and sharing your amazing experience. We wish you to have new great ideas, stay inspired and achieve brilliant success in your career. To learn more about Liam Barker photography, please visit his Facebook page.

Liam Barker Photography


Liam Barker Photography

Liam Barker Photography

Dragged into motion

Liam Barker Photography


Liam Barker Photography

Queens Gardens, Kingston upon Hull, England

Liam Barker Photography

Liam Barker Photography


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