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Lia Konrad

Lia Konrad

Lia Konrad is the artist behind Liancary. Lia is 21 years old and lives with her old crazy cat lady, Luna, in a small town in Germany. She is addicted to movies, inspirational books, and everything about winter and spring. Lia loves to travel and meet new people, even if she has not traveled far yet – but one of her life goals is to travel to New Zealand and stay there for several months to find the true meaning of life and to meet some alternative people to hang out with. It was a pleasure for us to have an interview with Lia Konrad, who shared some interesting facts about her biography. We wish you a pleasant reading of Lia Konrad success story and viewing of her breathtaking surreal photography.

The First Steps in Photography

AP: Hi Lia, thank you very much for finding the time to share your life story with us. It was a great pleasure for us to interview you. Could you please tell us what got you started?

Lia: After I found out what’s possible with Photoshop in 2012, I started Photoshop compositings in 2013, and it was pretty cool to create all these fancy fantasy images you had all the time in your head. However, I wanted more real people, more real moments, more action. Therefore, a year ago, a photographer, Benjamin von Wong, was in Germany for an event and did a shooting call. He wanted to do an epic fantasy photo shoot in a stunning cave with a fantastic model and breathtaking costumes. I didn’t wait long and signed up as an assistant. Impressed by this day and all the amazing people I’ve met there, I organized my own first “epic fantasy” photoshoot. That was in November 2014.

Lia Konrad Photography

Turquoise smoke


AP: What a beautiful start. Do you have any formal education in photography, or were you self-taught?

Lia: I’m self-taught, and because I’m not very patient with tutorials, I learned the most things in Photoshop with a lot of practice, practice, and practice…

AP: What genre are your photos?

Lia: I don’t think I have a specific genre. I really love to try out new things and new genres. Soon, I want to go more into conceptual fine art photography. So far, I would say most of my photos have a fairytale genre. It is surreal portraiture, epic fantasy, and sometimes emotional fine art.

Lia Konrad Photography

The forbidden forest

AP: Your photographs are fantastic. We absolutely love them. How would you describe your works?

Lia: I love creating epic, magical photos that make the viewers lose themselves in the photo. The photos can be described as unusual and unique, but of course, I got a lot of inspiration from other photographers who are doing a similar or even the same kind of style. With every image, I want to tell a story, I’m not a fan of just taking pictures of pretty girls without a meaning behind it. Also, I think every image is more powerful with a story – the same with humans. We attract people with the most interesting life stories. That is why I consider myself more of a storyteller than a photographer because the story behind an image and the imagination of the viewer of the photo are really important to me.

Lia Konrad Photography

Golden streams

Equipment and Techniques

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to take such pictures? Describe us a bit your creative process.

Lia: I do all my photos with Canon 550D and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. Right now, I’m saving up some money for a Canon 6D because my 5-year-old camera won’t make it a year longer; I used it too much (smiling).

As for editing software, I use Photoshop 6, and I really, really love it. I would be nothing without this amazing software.

AP: What is the latest project you have worked on so far?

Lia: My latest project is called “Moon Tales”. I got inspired by…yeah, the moon, obviously (smiling). All my life, I have been fascinated by mystical, white, bright creatures like faeries, the glowing Patronus from the Harry Potter book series, and the beauty of the stars. And maybe I have a little moon addiction, too. So some time ago, I was reading some myths and fictional stories about the moon, watched the movie The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, and then it happened: I started my own little “Moon Saga” project, where I converted my own past life, thoughts, day life, and night dreams into pictures.

Lia Konrad Photography

Silvermoon, The Moon Saga project

It’s an ongoing project, however soon, I’ll start the next long-term project. It is about the journey of all different kinds of souls. As I believe in souls and that we all are here for a reason: to learn something from this life we live. I’m very excited to start this Project.

The Formula for Success

AP: Lia, thank you so much for sharing such wonderful thoughts on your recent and upcoming projects. We are sure our readers will like them. What is the formula for success in your activity?

Lia: I think it is patience. We literally need the patience to succeed in anything in life. As an example, when I just started my business, I thought I would need only 2 months to have a good, interesting portfolio, but actually, it took a year, at least for me. Another formula for success for me is to be in contact with other creative people, especially the ones who already have made it into the business. They can teach you and inspire you a lot. So, just reach out to other creatives and to the world. Show your art and live with the feedback. Every one is criticized in his or her life sometimes, however, it is a good thing. We can grow from that. Just stand up for your art and be patient with yourself.

Lia Konrad Photography

The day we lost the stars, the “Moon Tales” project

AP: Your words are very supportive. Who is one person you would like to see interviewed on Astrum People?

Lia: Nadja Ellinger (Spiegellicht) is an amazing photographer and wonderful soul, and I met her for the first time at Von Wong’s photoshoot. She is very inspiring and kind, and I really hope to meet her again soon (smiling).

AP: Thank you for the recommendation, Lia. We will definitely contact Nadja. Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Lia: My family is very supportive, and I love them to pieces. Also, I have a few good photography friends who I can always turn to for advice on photography. A few months ago, I got a 3-year sponsorship from SmugMug, which makes me really, really proud and happy.

Lia Konrad Photography

Mirror of wishes

AP: Our warmest congratulations! Tell us three lessons you believe are really important for every photographer.

Lia: Believe in yourself, learn to network, and help others.

A quote says, “Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours.” I truly believe in this, I believe in the good things coming, even though the world can be a cruel one. The important thing to learn in life is to never give up on yourself. Never, ever give up. If you really want to live a passionate photography life, it will take time, but things will get better and easier within some time. There is no easy start, but when I look back to the last year… I can clearly say that photography has saved my life.

Lia Konrad Photography

Winds for the siren

Within a year, I am prouder of myself than I ever was before.

Within a year, I developed a deep passion that I had never felt before.

Within a year, I have won a lot of new self-confidence. And I really, really wish that for everyone who is feeling pretty small right now. Believe in yourself and do it.

Lia, it has been a great honor for us to have an interview with you. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring success story with us. We wish you more beautiful surreal photographs, great achievements, and a brilliant photography career. To learn more about Lia Konrad photography, feel free to visit her personal website with epic storytelling photographs.

Lia Konrad Photography

From green to gold

Lia Konrad Photography

Circle of dark dreams

Lia Konrad Photography


Lia Konrad Photography

The passing of the grief

Lia Konrad Photography

The secret garden

Lia Konrad Photography

A dance of stars

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