Laruca Music Band: Inspiration is Everywhere

Laruca Music Band

Laruca Music Band

Laruca is a Ukrainian music band founded five years ago in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. These guys are very talented, and they find inspiration in everything. The interview was given to us by Lata Anna, a vocalist at Laruca. You can listen to their songs in this interview and get acquainted with their creativity. Enjoy reading the interview with Laruca Music Band.

AP: Tell us a few words about yourself.

Laruca: Ruslan Zhabsky (drums) and I met in high school. We sang songs with a guitar with friends. Then we started to communicate more often, and it turned out that Ruslan and I write songs. It so happened that we liked each other’s songs very much. And so, amid similar life views and musical tastes, we created a band. The name was chosen randomly and was approved by Ruslan and me. At the moment, Laruca consists of two people – me and Ruslan, but very shortly, we hope that a few musicians will join our team.

AP: Your first songs. What did they sound like?

Laruca: The first songs consisted of unpretentious songs about the teenagers’ experiences, mostly about love. Most of the compositions were yard guitar songs in the spirit of Viktor Tsoi or Zemfira, while under the influence of Bob Marley, some songs were written in reggae music. Now, the foundation of our creativity, we consider the songs of a later period and songs to be written by us in the future. 🙂

AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere, or were you self-taught?

Laruca: We don’t have a music education; we have only private lessons with teachers. We are learning all the time but on our own – we listen to a lot of foreign music, watch videos of concerts, lectures, and famous musicians, improvise, invent new concepts, and develop ourselves in the art of recording. The most important in developing musical skills are inspiration, a desire to create something new, perseverance, and a love of music.

AP: What genre are your works?

Laruca: It is difficult to determine our genre. We are just looking for a particular style, so that question remains unanswered.

AP: How would you describe your songs?

Laruca: It’s a piece of melodic music with heartfelt lyrics, a little bit sad, but the sadness is light. The most essential thing in our music is sincerity.

AP: What equipment and techniques do you use to create your compositions?

Laruca: To create music, we use drums, guitar, bass, piano, and sometimes improvised means. The songs are mainly recorded at home with the help of a microphone, audio card, special software, laptop, and speakers.

AP: Would you consider yourself an expert in music?

Laruca: So far, not yet. But we strive for it! I hope that we will be so! We’re working on it.

AP: What is your success formula?

Laruca: To succeed, you should have confidence and faith in what you do. Openness and the ability to communicate with people are key factors.

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

Laruca: Family and close friends support us emotionally. There are several people whose opinions I listen to. If these people tell us that this song is good, it is so. 🙂 We handle the rest of the cases ourselves. Thanks for reading and attention.

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