Greeting Cards by Katerina Velcheva: Originality, Simplicity and Lots of Positive Energy

Greeting cards made by Katerina Velcheva fascinate by their originality, simplicity and positive energy. Katerina was born and has grown in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). She has recently graduated from university with a degree in design and architecture. Katerina is fond of music and literature, she likes painting, and all these bring her great pleasure.

greeting cardsAP: How did you get interested in painting?

KV: My parents took me to the Art School when I was 8-9 years old. There I got known about art. However, my strong love to art and creativity has appeared recently. It all has started with small moleskin, presented to me… I have grown interested in painting. Moreover, I have finally found my style.

AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere or were you self-taught?

KV: I’m mostly self-taught. Of course, education in art gave me a very good basis, putting such concepts as “composition”, “line”, “coloring” and many other useful things, without which it would be difficult to start doing something. However, independent practice and experimentation have become most effective for me.

greeting cardsAP: What genre are your works? How would you describe them?

KV: I use pen and watercolor, as a rule, to create illustrations. Sometimes I resort to computer vector graphics. But I don’t really enjoy working with paints. Graphic works are much more interesting for me. Smooth clean lines – it’s mine. Of course, I use watercolor, but still the line dominates in my works. As for genre, I don’t think that my works belong to specific style. Perhaps, my graphic illustrations can be attributed to primitivism, but it is not 100% compliance with this genre. As for description of my works in general, I suppose that people should judge whether they are unusual or not. I can only say that there are heights to attain.

greeting cardsAP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?  

KV: I think I am still ‘green’ now. But, of course, at the same moment I’m practicing and making good progress. And I’ll achieve success. My success formula is simple – don’t be nervous, relax and just do what you like to do most of all, without being distracted by external factors.

AP: Do you have any achievements as an artist?  

KV: Since I am only a beginner in painting, there are not so many projects in which I’ve managed to take part. However, there are some of them. My illustrations are being published in magazine ‘I’. I have made promotional posters and flyers for different events. I’ve designed the cover of the musical band’s first album ‘The Mystery of the Third Planet’. I’m also the participant of various fairs, where I sell my handmade greeting cards.

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

KV: Of course, there are people who help me. Close people give me moral support. They strongly believe in my talent. They are sure that I will succeed in life.

Katerina Velcheva

Greeting Cards Katerina Velcheva (2) Katerina Velcheva (3)

Greeting Cards

Katerina VelchevaGreeting Cards Katerina Velcheva (4) Katerina Velcheva (5) Katerina Velcheva (6) Katerina Velcheva (8)

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