Feather Art by Ian Davie: Meticulous Wildlife Paintings

Ian DavieIan Davie feels privileged to work as an artist, the quiet contemplation this affords him, in a world governed by ever quicker turn around times and pressures of life. He lives in Dolgellau, in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, on a 70 acre farm, the scenic beauty of this area never ceases to inspire him. The natural habitat and wildlife changing through seasons, weather and light. It was a pleasure for us to take an interview with Ian Davie and we are happy to share it with you. Enjoy reading!

AP: When did you first discover your passion for art? Did you always think you were creative or is it something that you discovered later on in life?

ID: I only started to paint just over 7 years ago and although I have always admired other artists work, I was surprised to find my natural ability and talent, which lay hidden until I first picked up a brush.

Feather Art by Ian DavieAP: What inspires you on a daily basis?

ID: The natural environment changes all the time, the light and shadows as each day progresses, the slowly changing seasons and the ever changing weather which adds drama and atmosphere. The wildlife adds colour and character to the landscape in which they live. Inspiration is all around me.

AP: What genre are your works? Please, tell our readers about the genres you tried yourself. Were there any difficulties?

ID: Although I paint onto canvas, most of my works are painted directly onto Swan flight feathers, these being some of the largest feathers to be found in the UK. Merging one of my paintings with a feather, natures own work of art, creates a unique and beautiful presentation. There is almost a symbiotic link between the natural feather canvas and my wildlife/landscape paintings. Feathers are also very stable having been found in the tombs of the Egyption Pharoes CA. 1323BC.

Feather Art by Ian DavieAP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use?

ID: As there is no precedence for my style of feather painting, development has been rapid.

My multiple feather, centre piece paintings are a prime example of this.

Each painting is meticulously worked directly onto the feather using very small ‘000’ brushes.

Feather Art by Ian DavieAP: What is the perfect feather to create a masterpiece. How does it look like? Describe it, please.

ID: I use secondary feathers as these give me the greatest working area. When creating a multiple feather painting I look for well shaped and matching feathers on which to produce one of my major works.

Feather Art by Ian DavieAP: What is your professional goal? What do you do to reach it?

ID: My work is gradually gaining international recognition and acclaim. I will continue the development and dedication to my feather painting, in the hope this recognition will expand and flourish.

AP: Is there anyone who gives you support you in your creativity?

ID: My wife and children give me all the support and encouragement needed, for me to pursue my career as an artist.

AP: What’s the golden tip that you can give to our readers?

ID: Art is very subjective and any aspiring artist should stay true to their own ideals, without being lead by others, it is the only way your art will ever stand on its own.

AP: Would you like to wish something to AstrumPeople?

ID: The world is full of individuals, although you seem to attract like minded people throughout your life, please leave space for those who differ.

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