Fascinating Drawings by Olesya Shambur

Olesya Shambur

Olesya Shambur

In today’s interview Olesya Shambur witll tell us about her creativity and share the story of how she feels colors and draw them on paper. Olesya Shambur is one Ukrainian soul. She works as analyst and lobbyist for some time, I decided that if she wouldn’t balance out the pure analytical approach towards life with her creative skills, she would feel impaired and dull. Art brings her real joy and inspiration. She always have been an admirer, but one time she decided that it’s worth a try to express her feelings through painting attempts and it felt so good and right that she could not stop.

AP: Your first drawings. What did they look like?

OS: I used to draw when I was a child. The adult life set its priorities and hindered my creative side. Once I “broke loose” inevitably the always-there admiration of impressionists and Japanese gravure found reflection in my works.

AP: Do you have any formal education in drawing or were you self-taught?

OS: My father is an artist and he taught me to draw when I was a child. When I studied in high school in the US I took art classes. That was very enriching as I was introduced to different techniques of painting, sculpture basics and that gave me the first idea of how to work with shapes, but most importantly, I was just having a blast and enjoyed myself.

AP: What genre are your works?Olesya Shambur Drawings

OS: I see things metaphorically. That is why I paint and write poetry. Sometimes the idea of things is very hard to interpret and communicate directly, as words tend to be understood differently by people of a different background. Whereas visual art is almost universal, although it leaves so much space for personal experience of understanding. When one bases her/his idea on genuine human values, one cannot be misinterpreted.

My paintings are for the most of it flat – I pay no attention to shades of light, as I believe that light is everywhere and the depth (or shallowness) of the paintings will be discovered by the viewer. Quite often my paintings are done just to bring smiles on people’s faces. And this effect I value the most.

AP: How would you describe your paintings?

OS: I think everything which is done employing heart is unique and worth of doing. My general idea is to show the color. It is a special gift to see all tints of grey, but at the same time, it is also special to see the colors of the rainbow in pure grey. If we break dull things into the color spectrum, they are not dull anymore. Quite possible, that they will turn out to be rather appealing and even beautiful. Life IS beautiful, but I guess sometimes it is important to have a sort of reminder.

Olesya Shambur DrawingsAP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to create your works?

OS: Acrylic paints usually. When I do quick sketches while travelling, I use water-color pencils.

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?

OS: I am very much enthusiastic about making the world a happier place. Doing all I can 🙂 When I prepare paintings for, say, a charity auction, I feel sorry not to have more technique shown, as it would probably be worth more in a monetary equivalent and may serve a better use for the good cause. So I read back-ground books, take master-classes, learn how to use new materials. But to my mind in the post-modernist era it is very hard to establish the unconditional way of using the brush. One is much better off with the thought, the idea, the feeling which is behind the painting.

AP: What is the formula for success in your activity?

OS: I take part in private exhibitions, from time to time take part in art-projects and contests, but usually I just give away my works as a gift to my friends, when they say they’d enjoy it. It is the best feeling!

AP: Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Olesya Shambur Drawings

OS: My overall motive is love. I find most of the things to be inspiring, especially the nature. Flowers, mountains – the smallest and the largest creations are equally perfect. It is really easy to distinguish the beauty of the world around when one is a loving kind. My little son is very supportive and encouraging in his judgments. I am very content when I can make him proud.

AP: Would like to wish something to your readers and AstrumPeople?

OS: My deepest desire is to communicate to people through art that the world is a beautiful happy place, as the more people feel the same way the more the vision becomes a reality.

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