Fantastic Plastic by Lena Dobrynina: Bright and Original Handmade Jewelry

Lena Dobrynina was born on February 2, in the cold snowy winter in the city of Chelyabinsk (Russia). More than anything, she loves the sun and the sea. Since childhood, Helen has been fond of painting and making various unusual crafts. Lena graduated from University with a degree in socio-cultural service and tourism. She likes traveling and dreams about world tour. In 2010, Lena started a project Fantastic Plastic, on which she is still working with pleasure.

fantastic plasticAP: Your first works. How did they look like?

LD: It all started not so long ago. Once upon a time a friend of mine told me about wonderful material – polymer clay. Few days later I was studying about that material online, and then I found a way to try it offline. Megatons of ideas embodied in the beads and figurines, but they safely burned at the first heat treatment. That story led to a reverent attitude to the process of manufacturing handmade jewelry.

AP: How did you study techniques for working with material?

LD: I have studied various techniques for working with polymer clay on the Internet. I read various reviews and articles and, of course, I carried out a lot of experiments with that material. And I’m doing that even now, every day!

AP: What genre are your works?

LD: Fantastic Plastic Jewelry is made ​​in the same style. However, at the same time, all the items are different. Each ornament is an experiment. So, I don’t want to label my creativity to any particular style. It should be the task of critics.

AP: How do you manage to invent so many unique items?

LD: I like making bright decorations, such that not only complement the image, but those which can be called zestful. I prefer experiments with the build and color – it allows me to collect ornaments of various unimaginable shapes and to create delightful color combinations.fantastic plastic

AP: What is the process of making handmade jewelry?

LD: All you need to make jewelry are fantasy, polymer clay itself, some devices to work with it and oven. So, that is not too much to do. However, if you want to sell handmade jewelry, it is necessary to have much more things. Firstly, you need photographic equipment for good shots. Secondly, you should have certain skills to prepare printed materials – business cards, labels, discount cards. Packages for jewelry I also do on my own.

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?

LD: I do not consider myself as a professional, as I have no special education. However, I would like to get it! I think it would help me to obtain new opportunities and challenges.

AP: What are your plans for the future?

LD: Fantastic Plastic is constantly involved in different activities: from usual exhibitions to very interesting design fairs. Sometimes we do gather people to organize some events. We hope that in the future we’ll see not only ornaments from polymer clay under the name Fantastic Plastic, but lots and lots of attractive and unusual items.fantastic plastic

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

LD: Yes, of course. Fantastic Plastic is the joint project with my husband. We do everything together. Sometimes we cooperate with various interesting and creative people – make-up artists, stylists, photographers, hair stylists.

Handmade Jewelry Lena Dobrynina Handmade Jewelry Lena Dobrynina Handmade Jewelry Lena Dobrynina Handmade Jewelry

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