Fairytale World of Photography by Krystina Gladka

Krystina Gladka is a photographer from Ukraine, Kyiv. She takes astonishing pictures that look like a fairytale world. It was a pleasure to have an interview with Krystina Gladka, who shared some interesting facts about her biography. We wish you a pleasant reading of Krystina Gladka’s success story and viewing of her fairytale world of photography.

AP: Tell us few words about yourself.

CG: My philosophy is never to give up! At least until you see that there is some sense in it. I went to several schools (high school, art school, and music school).

Krystina Gladka Photography

Then, I entered the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and graduated in June 2011 with a Bachelor of Law. In September, I continued my studies at the Master’s Program of Journalism at the same university.

Now I’m 21, full of desire to learn, develop, implement ideas, learn new things, and take pictures! My first experience with photos happened thanks to a lucky moment, for which I am very grateful, and I hope our friendship will only be strengthened over the years.

AP: Your first works. What did they look like?

CG: It’s a difficult question… I have no idea how it all started! Well, anyway, I am not a philosopher. Perhaps there had been so many circumstances, and I started implementing my ideas over time. I have been fascinated and obsessed with it till now. 🙂 Creativity is my single-moral lifestyle. It accompanies me everywhere and always, but every time in different forms. Therefore, we can say that it all started with my birthday, spring, as you know, inspires me.

Krystina Gladka Photography

AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere, or were you self-taught?

CG: I mix education. Yet the first steps I made ​​”myself”: I read the relevant literature and looked for helpful articles on the Internet, but the main thing is that I always experiment with photography. Regarding studio shooting, I decided to enroll in “The Fotomaster” school-studio. Classes at the school changed me. It is worth admitting the impact on the school teachers, including Valery Krey. His inexhaustible vital energy of words has always motivated me! Now, I continue to learn, look for a way of expression through photos, and constantly dream!

AP: What genre are your works?

CG: I love to experiment! Of course, I follow some basic approaches in carrying out orders, but I always try to leave room for imagination and not turn hobbies into routine. I like the works where you can find an idea; it can capture me in the works of others. The idea is, above all!

Krystina Gladka Photography

AP: How would you describe your works?

CG: My photos are full of ​​libertarian spirit and ideas. At least, that is something that I want to endow in them. Color, emotion, symmetry, and asymmetry are properties that I want to convey through my photos. They are unique because they have a part of me. But are they special for someone else, too? That is the question.

AP: What equipment and techniques do you use to create them?

CG: It so happened that I am an apologist of Nikon cameras. I just got used to its ergonomics and distinctive sound that gives the shutter of these cameras. I use a Nikon D90; I have several lenses, flashes, umbrellas, reflectors, stands, and tripods. To implement any creative project, I usually use my brain and motivation; technical direction can be permanently corrected if you desire.

Krystina Gladka Photography

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?

CG: A professional is a person who knows exactly what result he will receive by doing a series of actions. I am trying to avoid the term. Even though I am very responsible for the tasks set before me, I always desire to experiment with decorating the routine because, as I said before, I’m a good-level professional experimentalist.

AP: What is your success formula?

CG: Your success is almost always equivalent to your performance ratio. Therefore, my success depends on my activity, like anyone else’s. In April 2011, I presented a series of “sleepwalkers” in the visual art exhibition “Love is!” in the “Art Space 365” gallery (Ukraine). Also, in the spring of 2011, at the competition of the professional and civic initiative “Discover Ukraine,” I took 1st place for the video “Made in Ukraine” about Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Overall, competitions are a challenge, so I try to participate if possible.

Krystina Gladka Photography

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

CG: People help me often when they do not interfere with me. 🙂 My elder brother always supports and helps me implement my ideas into reality, and I’m thankful to him!

Krystina Gladka Photography

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