Cristina Otero Photography: Beautiful Tutti Frutti Self Portraits

Today we’ve invited Cristina Otero Pascual, a photographer, whose pictures are very fruity and fresh. She is 16 years old. She is from Spain and currently lives in Cádiz. Christina told us about how she came up with the idea about self-portraits of Tutti Frutti photography and we are happy to share it with you too. It has been a pleasure for us to take an interview with Cristina Otero who shared some interesting facts of her biography. We wish you a pleasant reading of Cristina Otero success story and viewing of her captivating self portraits.

Cristina Otero Photography

AP: Cristina, I am happy to see you here and hope you will enjoy our questions we’ve prepared for you. Let’s get started then. Could you please tell me what got you started?

Cristina: I started photography when I was 13 years old. During a class, a friend of mine was talking about the American model contest program, which is called America’s Next Top Model. I had never heard of it and decided to watch a few episodes. I rapidly fell in love with the make-up, poses, lightning, setting… all in all. I decided to give it a try, and that’s what I did.

AP: Nice start, Cristina. Do you have any formal education in photography or were you self-taught?

Cristina: I’m self-taught, I learn from practicing and experience in general.

Interview with Cristina Otero

AP: That is the best school: to learn something from practice. By the way, what genre are your photos?

Cristina: It will always be about the human being. That’s what I only like to shoot.

AP: How would you describe your pictures?

Cristina: I’m not really sure about it. I like striking contrasts. Maybe romantic, dark… But again, I’m really versatile in that area.

AP: How did you come up with idea about self-portraits with fruits?

Cristina: I’ve always liked fruits. Once I was eating an orange and decided to make something with it. Then I took kiwi, cherry… It was all by chance.

Cristina Otero Photography

AP: Good ideas are always come when we don’t expect them. What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to take your pictures?

Cristina: I just use a camera and tripod. I use Pentax K5.

AP: Which artists do you use for reference?

Cristina: I love Zhang Jingna’s work (AKA zemotion). She’s really inspiring.

AP: What is the formula for success in your activity?

Cristina: Just showcasing my work in popular social networks such as deviantArt, Facebook, Flickr… That’s the best one I can do.

Tutti Frutti Photography

AP: Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Cristina: My family, they’re always there, supporting me.

AP: Would you like to wish something to your readers?

Cristina: The key is to never give up, work really hard, believe in yourself, and never mind the haters; there will always be.

We’d like to thank Cristina Otero for the interesting answers and wish her continued success and brilliant ideas. To learn more about Cristina Otero photography please visit her photostream on her Flickr page.

Cristina Otero Photography

Cristina Otero Photography

Cristina Otero Photography

Cristina Otero Photography

Cristina Otero Photography

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