Collectionate – It was Love at First Sight


Collectionate – it was love at first sight

Dear our valuable readers, we are happy to introduce our friends from Collectionate. Friends since forever, passionate lovers of art – this is their incredible team, who created such amazing art gallery.

Collectionate is a one of a kind online art gallery that opens its doors to the whole world. A unique fusion of talented artists from all over the globe, come together in this project to make a statement: art lovers unite!

Have you ever wanted to capture something special? Ever wanted to give an image to a feeling, because words just aren’t enough? Here’s the deal, artists from all over the world expose the art-works and meet on this amazing online platform which sweeps away territorial boundaries. Collectionate was born because of its owners’ love to art and belief that one’s appreciation of it doesn’t have to be confined by what’s around the corner.


Way up there (© Jay Bower)

This is their incredible team: Valentina, the wonderful manager, started her walk of life working in an art gallery in NY and continued her career in the field of colors and prints; Jay Bower, artistic director and head curator, is an artist himself, a painter to be exact: a traveling storyteller, who observes the world and human emotions and expresses them in his canvas. Martina, marketing and PR, with a history in a completely different dimension, to contribute to this medley of flavors.

Together they founded Collectionate art gallery.

An online artistic reality born from the dream of creating a stage on which talented artists can express themselves without boundaries. The mission is to give a voice and a stage in which to perform for artists that wish to bypass what it’s referred to as the “territorial limitations”. The gallery’s mission also consists in giving the possibility for anyone to become a collector: it could be a student, who is just starting out with his first piece, or a gallerist, who is looking for talent.


Girls will be girls (© Anyes Greene)

The art gallery’s curators meticulously hunt the world for talented, creative artists and their art-works. The collection of artworks spaces from originals to limited editions of prints and photography, offered in different sizes and frames. Clients can buy or gift pieces of art that are authenticated by certification, to enhance its exclusivity and value. Shipping is available to any part of the world.

Most of all this is a dream come true, a dream of freedom of expression.

You are invited to Collectionate art-gallery.

Visit it today and enjoy the view…it could be love at first sight for you, as it was for them. To be updated on the new events and new art, Collectionate keeps in touch with the community through their blog.


Been there done that (© Jay Bower)


Underwater 3 (© Alex Lake)

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