Clothes Made of Recyclable Materials by Arthur Brazhe

arthur brazhe design

Arthur Brazhe

Have you ever seen the collection of clothes made of recyclable materials?! In this interview Russian designer Arthur Brazhe is going to tell our readers what has inspired him to make such innovative masterpieces. Arthur was born in the town of Kapustin Yar-1 (the Astrakhan region, Russia) in the family of serviceman. In 1990 his family moved to the city of Kursk (Russia). Arthur graduated from an art school in the age of 11, and in 2001 he entered the Kursk State College of Professional Technology and Law, where he studied on the speciality of  Fashion-designer. In 2006, Arthur entered the Kursk Institute of Management, Economics and Law at the Faculty of Public Relations. On the base of this institute Arthur created his own ‘Fashion Theater by Arthur Brazhe’, where he was an artistic director.

AP: When did you become interested in your creativity?

AB: I got interested in creativity when I was 3 years old. I drew on the wallpaper. At the age of 14 I began to sew. How did it all start?! So, at those times inflated two-sided jackets were in vogue and I wanted to do something like that. Then I took an old jacket and a bandanna. From an old jacket I sewed two-sided modern jacket, then my mother advised me to go to college of fashion design. Since that all started. I could draw – I could still learn to sew…

arthur brazhe design

AP: Do you have any formal education in design?

AB: Yes, I have an education in design. Now I continue to gain new knowledge and  improve my skills by myself  for self-perfection.

AP: What genre are your works? Do you like genre experiments?

AB: I do not like sameness and I’m trying to find something new. I’m always looking for new materials to create new collections.

The only difficulty that I came up with it when I went from fabric to substandard materials. Now I have it easy to create things from various unusual materials. And I can make it as easily as I once sew clothes from fabric!

AP: Why can your works be called unique and unusual?

AB: The originality of my work lies in the fact that I use substandart materials to make clothes and they are recyclable materials. Now the topic of ecology is urgent.

By designing clothes of recycled materials, I try to convey to people that we can create art works even of recyclable resources.

arthur brazhe design

AP: What kind of materials do you use to make the clothes?

AB: I only use recyclable materials, namely, everything that can harm nature: plastic bottles, synthetic bags, nets, garbage bags, tape, aluminum cans, CDs, etc.

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in the sphere of design?

AB: Yes, I may consider myself as an expert, as I have many achievements in my career. Here I include participation in international professional competitions. I also received recognition of influential people, such as Tatiana Mikhalkova.

AP: What is your success formula?

AB: My formula for success is that you should do everything what you like and in what you can be an expert, despite the fact that from the first time you’ll get a of little payment. Love what you do and your work will make you successful.

arthur brazhe design

AP: What is your professional goal?

AB: My goal is to create a fashion house. I want to continue to create clothes of substandard materials.

AP: Do you have any achievements to tell our readers about?

AB: Over 4 years of its existence, ‘Fashion Theater by Arthur Braze’ has many awards: Diploma of the International Youth Forum “Seliger 2009-2010”, finalist of the International competition of young designers “Russian Silhouette”, winner of the International students’ festival “Slavonic constellation”, etc. More than 14 TV stations of Kursk and other Russian cities broadcast news about our activity. Many newspapers and magazines publish articles about the collections of clothes made by me. So, the list of achievements is big enough. I like everything that is related to creativity.

AP: Is there are anyone who supports you in your creativity?

AB: My Mom is everything for me! She supports me in every activity and she helps me to create new collections of clothes.

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