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Welcome! Would you like to become interviewed by Astrum People? Then we are happy to see you on this page. We picked out several advantages why you should give an interview to Astrum People.

It’s Free of Charge

We do not charge anything for interviewing you. We do that for absolutely free of charge.

Exclusive Interview

We will take an exclusive interview with you, and it will be published on Astrum People magazine. It will help you attract new fans, advocates, press and many other visitors who might become interested in your creativity.

A Link / Reference to Your Website or Portfolio

After publishing your interview, we will add a backlink to your site or portfolio to the article.

We Help You to Grow

Even if you are not a famous personality and your artworks are not so widespread as you wanted them to be, that doesn’t matter to us. We appreciate all-age-personalities with any kind of talent and are happy to interview them if they have something to show the world.

Your Interview Can Be Found on Google!

After your interview has been published, it will be indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and etc. We do Search Engine Optimization for your interview, and it can be found on the Internet by a specific unique keywords or phrases. It will help you to attract targeted visitors to your personal web page, Facebook page, etc.

Your PR Campaign

We promote your creativity and artworks for free. Have you ever heard something like that? Yes, yes exactly, we advertise your services for entirely free of charge. That is a real chance for you to become well-known and promote your artworks on the whole Internet.

You may feel free to read our recent interviews we have taken so far.

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