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ptaha dolls

Nadezhda Bogdanovich

Nadezhda Bogdanovich was born and lives in Kyiv. She loves this green city, especially the Podol district. Nadezhda has loved creativity since childhood; her first picture was painted with her mom’s lipstick on the wallpapers at 3. When Nadezhda was 4, her mother took her to the Art School in Kyiv, where she has been comprehending art techniques for eight years.

Nadezhda still remembers this atmosphere of childhood, depicted easels, glass jars with water, and a pleasant smell of paint. However, most of all, she liked to go to university; there were many creative people with similar interests but entirely different outlooks. Again, she encountered easels and clay models. But there, Nadezhda was treated like an adult person, as a future specialist in design.

‘Landscape design, interior design, post-processing of images, teaching origami for kids, and of course, interior details – are something you want to touch, and yet so many exciting and interesting things that you can make with your own hands putting the soul into them,’ – Nadezhda says.

ptaha dollsAP: Your first works. What did they look like?

NB: I was urged to a wedding subject area in my works thanks to this great event that happened in my life – our wedding day. I wanted to make all the accessories myself, and it gave me a lot of fun to sew with lace and beads, our wedding glasses, a pillow for the rings, candles, and baskets of petals. And when I became a wife, all those things were settled in the niches of our bedroom. Our wedding area is a talisman of our family. And one of the niches was not filled. I could not understand what was missing in the place for a long time, but suddenly, I was lit up with ideas. It was the bride! And that is how the first bride appeared (a self-portrait).

Of course, a girl does not like to boast to her friends about her needlework, and I am no exception. My friends wanted my work, and they ordered a couple of dolls. Each doll is similar to its new owner and carries the memories of that beautiful day when hearts are joined into one…

ptaha dolls AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere, or were you self-taught?

NB: I received a degree in interior and landscape design, but if you are inspired, there is no need to restrict your imagination to art. Everything is connected. Everything has the same basics of composition, color, and style, and the most important thing is to have inspiration.

AP: How would you describe your works?

NB: Ptaha dolls are made of natural materials, they are sewed by hand, the dolls are very comfortable, and they significantly differ from the factory ones, which are sold at stores. Initially, the dolls were only interior toys. You may put the beauty on a dresser and hang it in the bathroom near towels; the dolls fit very organically in a baby’s room. Having participated in the ethnic festival “Krajina Mriy” (“The Country of Dreams”), I noticed the reaction of kids at my works at Masters’ Alley. I was shocked to learn that kids love rag dolls in today’s brigBarbiesstic Barbie world. I remember that one little girl hugged my doll and, with eyes full of joy, said to me thank you! I still can not forget those eyes.

ptaha dollsMy little niece is also delighted with these dolls. Her favorite doll is “Gymnast,” which I sewed especially for her (my niece is engaged in artistic gymnastics). In addition, handmade dolls, which children like, may become an unforgettable gift for adults. Each person has peculiarities in appearance and character, and if the gift turns out to be a doll, which you can know yourself in, the facility will be much more pleasant.

AP: What genre are your works?

NB: The object of my inspiration is a fantastic designer, Tonе Finnanger, so most of my toys are “in Tildastyle.” My favorite styles are loft and shabby-chic. I plan to make a series of dolls with the typical naivete and tenderness shabby style.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use?

NB: First, I need different tissues to start working on my doll. I use linen, cotton, calico, felt, and other natural fabrics. If I cannot find an appropriate shade of flax for creating the doll’s body, it can be painted when boiling in a solution of coffee and cinnamon. Holofiber is the material best suited for the filling. It shall not break, and the finished doll may be easily washed. Of course, many details still need to be added – laces, ribbons, buttons, and flowers. The greater variety of materials, the easier it is to create a complete image of a doll. Thinking about a doll, what beauty it will become, what character it’ll have, its color of eyes, hair, and clothes, what interior it will be placed in, and what owner it will have is the most challenging but exciting task.

ptaha dolls

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?

NB: Rather no than yes. But I hope that thanks to my diligence and experience, after an extended period, I will be confident that I may consider myself an expert.

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

NB: My husband is the most severe critic of my work; he is constantly nagging and objective. Therefore, his support is critical to me.

AP: What are your plans for the future?

NB: There are many ideas to realize. I want to create a collection of various dolls in one single style. I also think about textile things for the home, but not only. After a beautiful experience at the “Krajina Mriy” (“The Country of Dreams”), I now have a great desire to participate in the exhibition “Fashion Doll.” It takes place in Kyiv twice a year.

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