Art Bringing You Joy and Happiness by Cynthia Headley

Cynthia Headley Art is a one woman run design studio creating everything from Art Dolls to Books, Illustrations to Logos, and Stained Glass to Web Banners! Cindy is a creative, positive thinking, natural born artist. She is a native of VA’s Historic Northern Neck where she started creating art at a very early age, as do most children introduced to their first box of crayons. Her interest in creating never stopped, which lead her to study the fundamentals of art throughout high school and then continue her studies at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She received a degree in Advertising Design specializing in Visual Communication in 1990 while living in South Florida.

Cindy Headley

Cindy continued to work in the Graphic Design field until 2003 when she decided to focus more on the Fine Arts. From 2003 to 2008 Cindy worked in Fine Arts and Crafts (Cindy is an two-time award winning stained glass artisan) and decided to train and work in the Healing Arts too. As an entrepreneur Cindy started up Cynthia Headley Art in 2008 so that she could finally combine all of her art and design abilities into one place.

Cindy’s motto is “Creating Art with the Intention of Bringing You Joy and Happiness!” Her work has a style that is light, airy, bright and fun.”If a project doesn’t sit well with me or fit within my own belief system of being Inspiring, Affirming, Up-Lifting, or Empowering then I’ll pass on the project. Why would anyone spend time putting anything that is less than high vibrating out into the world?”

Cindy is also an Intuitive Counselor and Energy Worker. When she is not creating art, designing, or doing energy work she can be found exploring new locations, cooking, meditating, spending time with her pets, gardening, or just being at the ocean.

It was a pleasure for us to take the interview with Cynthia Headley who shared some interesting facts of her biography. We wish you a pleasant reading of Cynthia Headley success story and viewing of her lovely designed items.

Cindy HeadleyAP: Your first works. What did they look like?

CH: At a very young age (three or four years old)I started drawing with my crayons and never stopped. At around seven years old my mom told me all artist sign their work and that I should come up with a signature. I decided to use my initials (CH) as my signature and to this day that’s still what I use to sign my pieces.

AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere or were you self-taught?

CH: I believe my creativity is a natural born gift. It’s always been a part of me. In addition to drawing at an early age I also loved all types of crafts that were shown to me at church and at home. In school I always took art classes and when I went on to college I continued to learn about all aspects of Art and Design. I studied Advertising Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the US.

Cindy Headley

AP: What genre are your works? How would you describe them?

CH: I love working in all genres! My main ones are Stained Glass, Illustration, Paintings – Watercolor and Acrylics, and Graphic Design on the Computer. My newest medium is fabric and I’m really enjoying it. I would love to try Pottery. My works are meant to be uplifting, inspiring, and fun! My motto is “Creating Art with the Intention of Bringing You Joy and Happiness!” I love to Shine the Light of the World through my art.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use?

CH: I use anything and everything I can think of when I create. I do “nature paintings” and when I do those I will roll up leaves and flower petals and rub them on my canvas for color/paint! When I do my 3-D Stained Glass pieces I will make a form out of anything. My Inspirational Mermaids are all handstitched by me. I love using a digital camera for my photography work. And I absolutely love the computer program Adobe Photoshop!

Cindy Headley

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere? 

CH: I am a professional artist, but there is always room for growth and perfecting your techniques even more.

AP: What is your success formula? Do you have any achievements to tell us about?

CH: I don’t know if I have a particular formula. I just keep making things. I am always creating something. I have won two First Place Awards for my 3-D Stained Glass Heirloom Easter Eggs. I donated two eggs one in 2009 and the other in 2011 to the Virginia Easter Seals Organization. These are the two that won the Awards and also brought in thousands of dollars to the charity.

Cindy Headley

AP: Is there someone who helps you in your creativity?

CH: Seeing the faces of my customers light up when they see something they like is wonderful support. The essential part of my creativity however is  the tapping into or connection with that place that is inside of us that’s part of the divine and being able to pour that out and share it with the world. It’s also following the natural flow that a creation takes… I recently painted a watercolor of a floating mermaid. I used that image in the background of my business card. Then I decided I could make an art doll from that mermaid, so I created a pattern that could be sewn. I used braided fabric as part of the halter tops on the “Inspirational Mermaids” and that lead to the idea of making “Island Beauty” art dolls. Just yesterday the braids on those dolls lead me to the idea of Rag Rugs for the home. The flow of creation never stops and that is truly the essential part!

Cindy Headley Cindy Headley Cindy Headley Cindy Headley Cindy Headley Cindy Headley Cindy Headley Cindy Headley

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