Arseniy Lapin Animated Cartoons: Magnificent Stories of A Talented Artist

Arseniy Lapin is a professional artist, who was born in Mytishchi, Russia in 1977. In 1992 he entered the cartoon school. After graduating the college, he worked several years in a puppet theater as a master puppeteer and artist. He used to arrange exhibitions of his paintings in Moscow. Then he bought a house in a remote village and devoted his spare time to creativity. It was a pleasure for us to take an interview with Arseniy Lapin about his animated cartoons and we are happy to share it with you at AstrumPeople.

Arseniy Lapin Animated Cartoons

AP: Arseniy, we are glad to see you here. So let’s start our interview. Could you please tell me what got you started?

Arseniy: It all started with movies. When I got my first computer and camcorder, the first thing I tried to do is to make a video clip with a good music and video that I had. In the first video clip that I shot, I used The Beatles’ track Eleanor Rigby on the background. As a result the movie was much better than almost anything I’ve seen on MTV. Taking off a few clips, I decided to try my hand at animation. And that is how I created such cartoons as ‘Dragonflight’ overlaying Namgar music to the background and the ‘Severo-Zapad’ with overlayed music of Aquarium band. Then I equipped a recording studio in my village and now shoot videos and make cartoons with overlaying my own music to the background.

AP: That is fantastic. I really want to see your animated cartoons! Do you have any formal education in animation arts or were you self-taught?

Arseniy: I graduated Animation College and independently mastered several animated techniques. I travel a lot and when I return back home I am full of fresh ideas. One of my best cartoons is ‘Saint Sidor Speaks to a Fish’ about Sidorova Islands, which are located in the White Sea, where I often swim on my boat in the summer.

Arseniy Lapin Animated Cartoons

AP: That is very romantic. What genre are your animated movies?  Which genres did you try yourself in? Did you have any difficulties?

Arseniy: Basically they are video clips. Once I even participated as an artist in the World Lullabies project. There were no difficulties; I am able to work well in teams.

AP: And how would you describe your animated cartoons?

Arseniy: I use simple and traditional animation techniques. My cartoons are unusual and original because I use my own original paintings in them, which do not resemble anything what other artists do.

AP: Yeah, that’s really true. We noticed how your animation movies are very unusual. What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to create your animations?

Arseniy: I scan my pictures and then animate them on the computer, as many other animators do. Sometimes I add my own photos to the backgrounds, which were taken while I was traveling. Sometimes I add the texture of moss, beautiful stones and rusty iron of abandoned ships.

Arseniy Lapin Animated Cartoons

AP: Which artists do you use for reference?

Arseniy: Recently, I’ve been inspired by the Russian artist Vladimir Lyubarov and German artist Marina Bitter.

AP: What are your plans for future?

Arseniy: I am willing to find a good publisher of children’s literature, draw illustrations for children’s books and create animated cartoons.

AP: That is a great desire. Hope it will come true. Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Arseniy: Yes, my family helps me a lot. My wife is a professional musician and she often writes and records music to my cartoons.

We’d like to thank Arseniy for his time and wish him inspiration, success in all his endeavors. It was a pleasure to take the interview with Arseniy Lapin and we are happy to share the magnificent story about animated cartoons at AstrumPeople. To learn more information about Arseniy Lapin animated cartoons feel free to visit his website.

‘Dragonflight’ animated cartoon:

‘Saint Sidor Speaks to a Fish’ animated movie:

‘Severo-Zapad’ animated cartoon:

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