Ana Cabaleiro Photography: ‘We Walk the Young Earth’

Ana Cabaleiro

Ana Cabaleiro

We’ve taken an interview with Ana Cabaleiro, who lives in Vigo, a city in Galicia, the North of Spain. Ana was born in Stratford upon Avon, England. She loves to read a lot of comics. Her favorite book is “Querida Yo” by Coloma Fernández Armero. Ana has a blog about music called ‘Microphones in the Trees’ since 2005. She likes to make compilations, mixtapes, lists (“Happiness Is Not Real Unless It Is Shared” it’s so true). Ana likes to watch movies and series: Gerry, Two-lane Blacktop, Tropical Malady, The Brown Bunny, Cría Cuervos, Rosemary’s Baby, Alien, all Ozon movies….when she’s not working you can find her riding her bike, sitting in front of her PC surfing through music and photography zines.

AP: Ana, when did you start taking photos? What kind of camera did you use?

AC: I cannot tell you exactly, but I started taking photos with a small digital Ricoh camera which now i found so endearing. Then I tried with Lomo and Polaroids until I stumbled upon 35mm format, which I feel comfortable with.

AP: Do you have any formal education in your sphere or were you self-taught?

AC: I am self-taught. I learned some things thanks to a friend who takes beautiful photographs named Rafa Romero and surfing through Flickr. I did lots of trials and mistakes.

AP: Tell us about your genre you work in?

AC: It’s a kind of difficult to tell you…things, persons, places that is what I like. I really love vast and lonely landscapes.

AP: How would you describe your photography?Ana Cabaleiro Photography

AC: My works aren’t unique or unusual. I just photograph what I want to see in a picture. It reflects my state of mind. If a see a landscape I need to feel that I’m all immersed in it. I need to feel its smell, its noise. But everyone has their own notions regarding photography. Your mood is so important and your own personal tastes too. I like almost every single picture with a desert or people in cars, and I could watch for hours such movies as “Fuel”, “Desert Son” or “Meek’s Cutoff” just for the photography. It’s a kind of refuge for me.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to shoot photos?

AC: I almost always shoot with an old Praktica BC1 and expired films. Sometimes I use Zenith, Olympus OM10, Smena or Yashica T4. I don’t pay attention to lens, filters…I would like to experiment but I’m so basic in technical terms.

AP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in this sphere?

AC: Absolutely not, but I would like to be, of course. But honestly I don’t see myself as an expert never ever.

Ana Cabaleiro PhotographyAP: What is the formula for success in your activity?

AC: I do try keep motivated, inspired to keep shooting.

AP: Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

AC: My partner, she’s the half of my work, friends, and some very special people who are always counting on me for exhibitions and projects or helping me with this and that. María and Emma from Carpaccio magazine created a sweet label named Atem Books and they edited a little book with my photos, besides featuring me so many times in their magazine. And Jocelyn Catterson always supports me. All of them keep coming up with interesting ideas. Friends who take beautiful pictures like Rafa Romero, Aka Árbore, Carmen Marchena, Hoy.Joy, Lúa Ocaña, Christine Jones. They always there supporting me on Facebook or Flickr, speeding me up to sell prints or promote my works…which i really really appreciate.

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