Ana Bathe Photography: Avant-Garde Self-Portraits

Some time ago we featured an interview with Ana Bathe. Recently, Ana sent us her updated portfolio and we’re excited to feature her avant-garde self-portraits on AstrumPeople.

Ana Bathe Photography


AP: Ana, it’s be a long time since our last contact and we’re glad your portfolio has been extended. What inspired you to create such beauty?

Ana: I have always used my art as a tool to communicate my ideas of beauty and sexuality and my inspiration comes from various sources including current events, literature, music and various subcultures. Even though it’s difficult to pin point a single source, I do credit Berlin and its abundance of subcultures for my artistic development and ongoing inspiration.

Moving here was definitely the right decision!

AP: What message would you like to share with people?

Ana: Ever since I started working with photography, I wanted my pictures to be a commentary about the mainstream standards of beauty and to use my work as a direct challenge to what we see in magazines, billboards and on television. To shine a light on various forms of beauty and to reject the most generic forms as the ideal. I hope to encourage people to be proud of who they are and not to feel the pressure to conform to something that they are not.

Ana Bathe photography


AP: Are you currently working on some new projects?

Ana: I am, my latest project is titled ‘Recognize Me’ and it deals with the current homophobic wave that has taken over Russia. Androgynous in nature, it will feature a mix of self-portraits as well as portraits of people from various backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations. So far, it is the most important project I have worked on, I hope to have these works exhibited some time next year.

Great, we will be glad to publish them on AstrumPeople once they are ready. Ana, thank you very much for your answers and we wish you inspiration and many more creative ideas. Enjoy viewing of Ana Bathe photography. To learn more about Ana’s art or biography please visit her personal website.

Ana Bathe photography


Ana Bathe photography


Ana Bathe photography

Ana Bathe photography


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