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Alisa March

Alisa March

Today we’ve got acquainted and took an exclusive interview with Alisa March – a very talented sculptor from Ukraine. Alisa March was born and raised in Kiev. Since 6 years she had been engaged in Valentina Tchaikovsky Painting Art Studio and after finishing it she decided to be an artist. In 13 years she was admitted to the Kyiv Children’s Academy of Fine Arts. Upon completion in 2008 Alisa was admitted to the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, the sculpture department, where she currently studies now.

AP: Your first works. What did they look like?

AM: When I was a kid I wasn’t indifferent to paints and brushes; I was painting everything and everywhere. I will tell you now how I got acquainted with sculpture. It was the autumn of 2002. I came to the Academy of Fine Arts from simple high school and felt very insecure on the background of my new classmates. Among other mandatory training courses in my schedule, there was a subject called “Sculpture”, but I hardly imagined what it could be. They gave me a clay and said: “The first theme of a composition is balance. Model it.” And I started looking around, watching my classmates who easily and naturally went to work. As I remember, I made a teenage girl, trying to keep two huge stacks of books, which despite her efforts, yet began to fall directly on her head. To some extent I portrayed the condition in which I was, once I came to a new place with a bunch of unfamiliar disciplines. It was a time when I first felt how to express my internal state through the images and shapes and thereby show it to others. And then I fell in love with sculpture; then I first began to suspect that sculpture is a kind of language which I can speak with others.

AP: What genre are your sculptures?Alice March Sculptures

AM: In 13 years I did not think about specific genres and directions. I just did what I liked by passing on my thoughts and emotions through the images that lived inside me. And I try to keep this cleanness till now. I am pleased to learn different movements in art, I’m sure any self-respecting artist should understand this sphere. But I would never ascribe myself to any particular style or pinch myself in the scope of any one genre. The artists have tried so many things in the entire history of art, that it seems impossible to create something new. Whatever you do, there will be repeated things, the interpretation of something old. And I think in that case you should be yourself and not try to keep up with trends and tendencies. Do what you want and genuinely like. Because identifying the names of genres and styles is a job of art-critics. Don’t take away their bread!

AP: How would you describe your works?

AM: My sculptures are me, my soul and my inner world. Everything that overwhelms me suddenly formulates an idea, idea formulates an image, and if I can catch it and see it, I begin to sculpt it… and I cannot help it:) My sculpture is my thoughts and revelations in the volume. And when the viewer can read my message in my sculptures that is the greatest happiness for me!

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to create your sculptures?

AM: The simplest equipment is a wire, board, nails, pliers, hammer (for a frame) and clay or plasticine for a sculpture. That’s enough to bring to life the idea. Well, if you want to go ahead and transform a sculpture into a worthy exhibit, you would need more skills, materials and tools. To copy a form of a sculpture I use silicone and plaster. Then to sculpt bronze sculpture I need wax and wax tools. After then I use the tools for stamping, welding and polishing. There are many stacks, drilling machines, hammers, cutters… I do not think it makes sense to list all of them here.

Alice March SculpturesAP: Would you consider yourself as an expert in sculpture?

AM: Yes, I would. As I said above, the sculpture is my profession and I am sure it is my calling. And that’s why I associate my life and professional work with sculpture. I’m always inspired by a phrase which is often repeated by my parents: “Amateur can create what he can, and Professional – what he wants.”

AP: What is the formula for success in your activity?

AM: Ever since the 7th grade I participated in numerous art competitions and won prizes. Now I try to take part in the most sculptural exhibitions in Kiev. I have a personal website. I accept orders from clients: such as sculptures of bride and groom, a friend, a beloved one with a portrait likeness. It is a wonderful gift for a wedding, birthday or any other holiday. People like it and me too! 🙂

AP: Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

AM: My dad plays a big role in my professional activity… and not only. He always inspires me to further growth, helps to understand many things, share experiences and wisdom. But the main source of inspiration for me is God. I firmly believe in the Lord, and He to me is not an abstract concept or force. He is a Person who created me, gave me certain gifts and talents for a specific purpose, and I live for a reason. I am convinced that all the thoughts and revelations that overwhelmed me do not arise out of nothing. I talk to God in prayer, when reading the Bible and He guides me in my life, filling the ideas, thoughts, images, and the decisions of how to translate them all into a sculpture. He is an integral part of my work, creativity and life.

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