Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant: Thirty Wedding Ceremonies of British Couple Around the Globe

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Didsbury English Village Wedding (© Jonny Draper)

The married couple travels the world to say ‘I Do’ in thirty exotic countries. Who Would Do That?

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, have known each other already for twelve years and were together for three before they left on their journey. They say that once they got together they already desired to travel together. So they started selling all of their properties: their furniture, house, small business. They wanted all the time to get married, but never made steps to make it official with an engagement. Alex and Lisa tell us that it seemed like it had taken so long for them to finally get together that there was just no rush for marriage, they were going to be together forever anyway.

‘This was a mere 3 months before we left for our adventure and of course our friends and family thought us a little crazy but once we explained the idea, they loved it…as long as we didn’t get legally married by accident!!!’ Alex, 32, said.

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Quebec Vineyard Wedding (©

Newlyweds had twenty three wedding ceremonies so far and are planning to have more than thirty wedding ceremonies around the world. They get help from photographers, florists, wedding planners, venues and vendors all around the world to organize their wedding ceremonies.

‘We are so very lucky to have met all of the people that have helped us and to now call them friends!’ Lisa, 30, said.

Alex and Lisa have already travelled east to west Canada, Hawaii, down the west coast of America into Mexico, covered the whole of Central America. They are currently in South America and planning to visit the east coast of the United States, England and Europe and head east to Africa, India and continue until they hit Australia.

We are happy to share an interview with Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant and hope you will enjoy reading it. And remember sharing is caring:)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Banff Horseback Wedding (©

AP: Hi Alex, Hi Lisa! We are very happy you could find the time to give an interview and we hope you enjoy your time together. We’ve prepared few questions for you. Hope you will like them. Please tell us what a wedding ceremony do you remember the most? Where was it held?

Alex & Lisa: All of the weddings are special for very different reasons, some for the location, some are quirky and really different, all of them open our eyes to cultures we have never experienced and they all involve meeting some really great people without whom this trip would be impossible. For that reason it is difficult to choose a favorite so far but we loved the Andean ceremony in Peru for its intensity. The smells, sounds, commitments and offerings in the ceremony are all so special and make the whole occasion very touching, emotional and spiritual! We have never felt anything like it before!

AP: This is amazing! How do you feel in the repetition of wedding ceremonies?

Alex & Lisa: No two ceremonies are the same or even alike. Each one makes us nervous and giddy with excitement and we cherish each memory.

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Neck Point Beach at Nanaimo, British Columbia (©

AP: Are you planning to write a book about this amazing journey?

Alex & Lisa: We don’t know exactly what will come of this journey right now, we are amazed at all of the support we have received and cannot thank people enough for joining us on our adventure. As to whether there will be a book, we will see.

AP: What could you wish for young couples?

Alex & Lisa: We hope that young couples can take from this that a wedding should be what they WANT it to be. It can be whispers under a duvet, a huge beach party with friends or an intimate church ceremony. The important thing is that it is what they want! Marriage is a commitment you make to each other and it starts the moment you commit to commit, not the moment you sign a document saying so.

Thank you so much for sharing such interesting facts about your fabulous journey. We wish you happiness, love and many more exciting trips.

To learn more about this amazing journey feel free to visit Alex & Lisa’s blog. You can support Alex and Lisa by making donations to UNICEF. If you make a dontation to UNICEF via their Zankyou wedding registry you are entered into a prize draw.

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii (© Julia Bach)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Wedding in Hollywood, Calif (© Bryan & Brandon Wright)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Vegas Wedding (© Megan Finley)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Wedding in Cozumel, Mexico (© Dean Sanderson)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Wedding in San Antonio, Belize (© Maya Papovic)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Wedding in Antigua, Guatemala (© Jose Pablo Martinez)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant

Trash The Dress, Mexico ( © Dean Sanderson)

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