Aimee Bant Photography: Young Photographer with Surreal Conceptual Taste

Aimee Bant is a photographer and she’s 17. She lives and goes to a 6th form college in East Yorkshire, UK. Aimee studies photography, media and psychology at A level and she’s currently applying to study a film and photography course at university next year. It was a great pleasure for us to take an interview with Aimee Bant and learn some interesting facts of her biography.  Enjoy reading the interview with Aimee Bant and viewing of Aimee Bant photography.

Aimee Bant Photography

AP: Aimee, we are very happy to see you here. Thank you very much for finding the time to give us an interview. What got you started in photography?

Aimee: I first started photography as a hobby when my Granddad bought his new Canon DSLR in 2009. Before this I had always loved the idea of capturing special moments and had been documenting various events in life with my own little digital camera. But when I first borrowed my granddad’s camera I realised how much more creative I could be and so began my journey into the world of photography!

AP: What a lovely start! Do you have any formal education in photography or were you self-taught?

Aimee: From 2009 onwards I researched into photographers, read books and learnt the basics, (ISO/shutter speed/aperture) in my own time. When I left school in 2011 I decided to study A level photography and this has helped me to develop my skills and ideas for the future. During the last year I created my own little photography business and used social networking sites such as Facebook to get my work ‘out there’.

Aimee Bant Photography

AP: Well done, Aimee! This is great you created your own photography business. What genre are your photos?

Aimee: I’ve always had a theme of surrealism and conceptuality running through my photography. For example when I first started out I took many self-portraits using the multiplicity technique, which means there was always more than one of me in an image! This used to amaze people and I was asked many times how I created them.  I decided I loved to create images which inspired and left people in awe.  More recently I began to be interested in fashion and portrait photography. But now I have just started to step into the world of fine art photography and surrealism and I love it! I have photographed for weddings and events but I much prefer to hide in my own little world and create artistic style photographs.

AP: Your works are fantastic and that’s wonderful you have your own  exquisite taste. How would you describe your pictures?

Aimee: I believe my recent works could be described as unusual but intriguing. I really love the surreal route and have taken inspiration from photographers such as Miss Aniela, Brooke Shaden and Alex Stoddard. A lovely person viewing my work on Facebook stated on this photograph ‘I considered this nice, until I looked at the feet. Then I considered this a masterpiece’. I have had so much positive feedback and I really appreciate it because it gives me the energy to keep doing what I’m doing.

Aimee Bant Photography

Storm Ahead

AP: Yeah, I can imagine the feeling how it is incredible to get support from your fans. What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to take your pictures?

Aimee: I bought my own DSLR in 2011 (Canon 550d) and have bought various lenses too. My most used is the Canon 50mm f1.8 which is perfect for photographing people. I’m currently saving up for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and I use Photoshop to edit my images.

AP: Aimee, do you have any dream project? What is it?

Aimee: I would love to create a project in which I set up and take photographs along a certain theme and then exhibit my final pieces; maybe a children’s traditional book like Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan.

Aimee Bant Photography

AP: We wish your dream to definitely come true! What is the formula for success in your activity? Do you participate in contests or exhibitions?

Aimee: I am always on the lookout for new magazines, competitions and projects for my photography. I have had six images accepted onto the Vogue Italia website so far and I have also ‘won featured’ for September 2012 on I have just successfully organised my first exhibition for next year and so I am very excited about exhibiting my work. I also talk to local photographers regularly to find out tips and tricks of the photography trade.

AP: This is fantastic! I wish I could see your works in live. Who is the one person you would like to see interviewed?

Aimee: I would love to see photographer, Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) interviewed!

AP: Great , thank you, we will contact her! Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Aimee: My family are really supportive: my Dad got up at 5am one morning for me so I could go and shoot the sunrise! My friends are also very supportive and model for me all the time. But I have to say a massive thank you to my Granddad who without I wouldn’t be here talking to you today.

Aimee Bant Photography

Lost in motion

AP: Tell us three lessons you believe are really important for every photographer?


  • Learn everything you can about how your camera works. Knowing exactly how you can alter the way a photograph looks when you take it is very important.
  • Get your work noticed! Enter competitions, take pride in your work and try exhibiting or even selling your images.
  • My last tip is to be as creative as you can, there are no boundaries in photography – just do what you love doing!

Aimee, thank you very much for giving us an interview and sharing such fantastic story about photography. I am more than sure that your readers will find it inspiring. We wish you great success, brilliant ideas and let all of your dreams come true! To learn more about Aimee Bant photography, please visit her Facebook page.

Aimee Bant Photography

Aimee Bant Photography

Fields of Gold

Aimee Bant Photography

Aimee Bant Photography

Old English Farming

Aimee Bant Photography

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