Adriana Laura Mendez: Fabulous Handmade Wire Crochet Jewelry

Adriana Laura Mendez

Adriana Laura Mendez

Adriana Laura Mendez is a talented handmade jewelry designer, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated from University of Buenos Aires with a degree in botany. Before becoming an artisan, she was the owner of a landscaping company for more than 20 years. Even though she studied botany, Adriana always wanted to fulfill her passion for jewelry and decided that this was the right time in her life to do that. It was a pleasure for us to take an interview with Adriana Laura Mendez and we wish you a pleasant reading and viewing of Adriana Laura Mendez wire crochet jewelry.

AP: Adriana, we are very happy to see you here. Thank you for finding the time to give an interview about handmade jewelry. I hope you will enjoy answering our questions. Could you please tell me what inspired you to get started?

Adriana: My first steps in handmade jewelry were in 2006 when I discovered the beautiful world of handcrafted jewelry. First, it started as a hobby, and then I realized it was a great way to express my creative side. Two years later I realized that I had developed an advanced technique in crochet jewelry. My son Julian saw my potential and he encouraged me to start a jewelry business and show the world all the pieces that I was creating. He inspired me to become the artist that I am today.

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Elegant Swarovski crystal bracelet

AP: Wow, this is so amazing! What beautiful start! Do you have any formal education in handmade jewelry or were you self-taught?

Adriana: I am self-taught and I master the technique by learning from the trials and errors I was making to finally create unique pieces of art. I wanted to create one of a kind jewelry and the steps to follow were patience, hard work and perseverance. My main influences were from crochet artisans of Latin America and Europe. Learning their cultures was a key aspect to develop new ways of creating handcrafted jewelry. I love to learn from new cultures and by transforming them I could find the key to achieve the goals of making the finest wire crochet jewelry.

AP: Adriana, this is a very excellent approach. Well done! Your handcrafted jewelry really has something touching and harmonious. What genre is your handmade wire crochet jewelry?

Adriana: I don’t have specific genres that influence my work. My weaving art is not based on patterns. The designs are developed while my hand-weaving is in progress and are not swayed by popular trends or short-living fashion trends – this is something that makes them timeless and everlasting.

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Brazilian chrysoprase gemstone pendant

AP: Yes, that’s true; your wire crochet jewelry is fabulous. How would you describe your works? Can they be characterized as unique or unusual?

Adriana: My works are one of a kind. Technique skills, imagination, dedication and passion enable creations of work to enclose a magical creative world. Beauty in these jewelry pieces can be perceived by touching sensations as well as by visual perception. Material flexibility enhances its refinement and every handmade piece becomes an ornament that should be sensed as a natural extension of the body.

AP: What kind of equipment and techniques do you use to create your jewelry items?

Adriana: My main tools of work are several crochet needles and 14k gold filled wire and sterling silver wire. A usual day of work starts by sketching a design in my mind.

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Blue crystals bracelet

AP: Are there any artists that you use for references?

Adriana: I don’t use specific artists for references since every one of them have their own way to express their creativity to the world.

AP: Do you have any dream project? What is it?

Adriana: I would travel around the world to visit the most important and exclusive fashion showcases to promote, expand and revolutionize the market.

AP: We wish your dream to definitely come true. Adriana, do you have a formula for success in your activity?

Adriana: My formula to success in my activity is to study and research every aspect of crochet jewelry so I can create a unique style that will dazzle the audience. Marketing techniques and social media help us to reach our daily goals.

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Brown crystal flower ring

AP: Is there someone who supports you in your creativity?

Adriana: My three sons are an inspiration in my creativity. Their constant guidance and support to my artwork helped me from day one to constantly move forward and overcome every obstacle that was in my way.

AP: Tell us three lessons you believe are really important for every jewelry artist?

Adriana: Learn from every mistake because it will lead you to succeed in life. Never stop working, even if you didn’t get the recognition you deserve after leaving your soul and hard work on something you have created. Study and research every angle of jewelry since there are always new ways to improve.

Adriana, thank you very much for sharing with us such interesting story. We wish you great success, continued inspiration and keeping up good work. To learn more about Adriana Laura Mendez wire crochet jewelry please visit one of her personal pages.

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Unique handmade 3D cube earrings

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Sterling silver purple crystal earrings

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

14K gold filled bracelet with pink crystals and pearls

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Coral red pearls pendant

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

Elegant 14k gold filled bracelet Maria Laura

Adriana Laura Mendez Wire Crochet Jewelry

14k gold filled and sterling silver pendants

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