Astrum People is an online biography & success story magazine founded by Serge and Carrie. Astrum People enables to explore famous biographies and success stories that inspire. It is also dedicated to support gifted, innovative, talented and creative people by interviewing them and exhibiting their artworks at

What We Do:

We publish famous biographies, exhibit art portfolios, take interviews with creative people, publish success stories of famous entrepreneurs and innovators.

Explore AstrumPeople, your source for biographies of famous people. Be inspired to new discoveries by visiting our biography page and reading true stories of celebrities, entrepreneurs who made this world better to live in. AstrumPeople is a nice place for inspiration, and if you look for interesting stories about creative people, then you are on the right website.

AstrumPeople is an excellent place for artists, designers, architects, photographers, sculptors, musicians and others creative personalities. We help talented and gifted people to grow and spread the news about their artworks and creativity. We are happy that we can give the opportunity to everybody who has artworks to show to the world. Submit your application, become interviewed, and get featured on AstrumPeople.

Our Values:

We believe there are many personalities who have a high potential for development, whose works or talents may be a subject of attraction for advocates who might support their activity or become clients.

We believe we can make the world better together.

We believe every person on the planet is gifted.