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Arthur Guinness Biography: The History Of Guinness Beer

In this article we will share Arthur Guinness biography (an Irish brewer), the history of Guinness beer and brewery. Enjoy reading the story about a great company, great people and delicious Guinness beer! Guinness beer is the pride of Ireland. Born about three hundred years ago, it has sunk into the hearts of local citizens, […]

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Adriana Laura Mendez: Fabulous Handmade Wire Crochet Jewelry

Adriana Laura Mendez is a talented handmade jewelry designer, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated from University of Buenos Aires with a degree in botany. Before becoming an artisan, she was the owner of a landscaping company for more than 20 years. Even though she studied botany, Adriana always wanted to fulfill […]

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Kalliope Amorphous Photography: Conceptual Pictorial Self Portraits

Kalliope Amorphous is an artist working with conceptual and experimental self portrait photography. She also is a perfumer and work in mixed media art, but photography is her primary medium. It was a pleasure for us to take an interview with Kalliope Amorphous and we wish you a pleasant reading and viewing of Kalliope Amorphous photography. AP: Hi […]

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Trey Ratcliff Photography: Incredible Adventure Pictures

Trey Ratcliff is a professional photographer from Queenstown, New Zealand. He lives a strange, unplanned, and unexpected life of photography and adventure. Trey agreed to give us a video interview and it’s a great honor for us to publish the interview with Trey Ratcliff on AstrumPeople magazine. In the video interview, Trey shares his thoughts on photography, how he […]

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Mark Mawson Photography: Capturing the Beauty of Underwater World

Mark Mawson is a talented photographer from England whose works cover a wide spectrum. Mark Mawson photography ranges from celebrity to picturesque landscapes. He is shooting for newspapers, magazines and advedtising agencies. One of Mark’s brightest personal series is ‘Aqueous’ which he has been shooting for the last six years. Aqueous video by Mark Mawson […]

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Ole Kirk Christiansen Biography

Ole Kirk Christiansen Biography: Amazing History of LEGO Company

In this success story, we are going to share Ole Kirk Christiansen biography and the history of LEGO, a great Danish toy company that he founded. Ole Kirk was the inventor of the most popular construction set in the world. Enjoy reading a story about inventions, trials and failures, and brilliant success. LEGO is one of […]

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Jeremiah Kipp Filmmaking: Emotionally Charged Short Movies

Jeremiah Kipp is a New York-based filmmaker who works generally on surreal and mysterious films that might be categorized as horror. Jeremiah agreed to give us an interview about his creativity and it’s a very great honor for us to share this amazing story with you. Enjoy reading the interview with Jeremiah Kipp and watching […]

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Vladimir Stankovic Illustrations: Unusual ‘Cephalopodoptera’ Insect Collection

Vladimir Stankovic is an illustrator and graphic designer who was born in Serbia, in the town of Nis. He is 27 and is currently studying in Finland, a beautiful land of lakes and snow. It was a pleasure for us to take an interview with Vladimir Stankovic and we wish you a pleasant reading and […]

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Maria Babetskaya Handmade Jewelry: Pure Beauty of Summer Touch

Maria Babetskaya is a handmade jewelry designer who was born in Russia, lived in Prague, Czech Republic for a while and after she moved back to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Now she lives in Siberia – a very eastern part of Russia. Maria graduated from the university having Public Relations degree and continued studying there to get Master […]

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Christy Lee Rogers: Underwater Photography Collection ‘Reckless Unbound’

In this press release we would like to share the information about the upcoming Christy Lee Rogers’ exhibition ‘Reckless Unbound’, which will take place at Edgar Varela Fine Arts in Los Angeles, California on October 20th, at 7 -10 PM, and the show will run up to November 25th, 2012. Rogers is a self-taught photographer from Kailua, […]

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