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Fresh Color Oil Paintings And Artistic Experiments Of Oksana Chumachenko

Oksana Chumachenko is a young talented artist from Ukraine. She was born in Kryviy Rig, big industrial Ukrainian city. Since her childhood she has been fond of music and painting. As for now, Oksana has been accepted to internship at the University of London Arts, Central Saint Martins Department, the Faculty of Fine and Contemporary […]

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Luiz De Basto Designs: Luxury Yacht Exteriors And Interiors

Luiz De Basto is a professional yacht designer. Today he shared with us very useful information about yacht design. It will be interested for both beginners and professionals. Luiz De Basto was born in Angola and spent his childhood there. With the war his family moved to Brazil where he went to college and got […]

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Michele Del Campo Paintings: Gorgeous Brushworks of An Italian Artist

Michele Del Campo is an Italian artist who lives and works in London. He studied Fine Arts partly in Milan and partly in Madrid. Michele also studied Illustration In Dundee (UK). He has had various solo exhibitions in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Milan and Lima. It was a great pleasure for us to take an […]

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Sarah Harvey Paintings: Incredibly Realistic Underwater Brushworks

Sarah Harvey is an artist who graduated in 2004 from Newcastle University and has been working in East London ever since. She currently is however having a studio built for her, so she is currently without a studio and looking forward to moving into the new one in a couple of months. It also is […]

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