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Brandie Wedderburn Photography: Youthful Storytelling Pictures

Brandie Wedderburn is a 16 year old photographer from Los Angeles, California. Photography means capturing a moment for her that evokes emotion and priceless memories. It is also her way of communicating, sharing a vision and expressing herself not only as a photographer but primarily as an individual. She takes photographs to remember, when people […]

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Kris Dutson Photography: Atmospheric Landscape Pictures

Kris Dutson is an award winning professional with over thirty years of experience as a photographer. He specialises in atmospheric landscapes, endeavouring to capture that elusive feel that is so important in a good photograph using the vagaries of the English weather to his advantage. He also carries this ethos through to other photography genres, […]

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Athena Drakopoulou Handicrafts: Beautiful World of Vintage Items

Athena Drakopoulou lives and works in Athens, Greece. She has studied graphic design, but never worked as a designer. Her professional career includes visual merchandising and window dressing, scenography, puppet making, art teaching to children and theatrical games with children and youngsters with special needs.  Athena has just opened her store in Athens dealing in […]

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Divya Suvarna Illustrations: Lovely Fantasy Drawings

Divya Suvarna is a designer by profession and illustrator by passion. She is also known by the nickname ‘Seishou-Chan’ on Deviantart. She is from Mumbai, India. She designs for a variety of products, apparel being her favorite in the design sphere. But mostly she enjoys putting on paper her own worlds and visions. It was […]

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Mark A. Johnson Photography: Watersports and Marine Nature Imagery

Mark A. Johnson is a professional photographer from Hawaii, who divides his time between there and Brisbane, Australia, where his wife is a Marine Biologist at the University of Queensland. Mark is a commercial, stock and fine art photographer, known for his watersports and marine nature imagery, in addition to travel and lifestyle photography. His photographs […]

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Nidhin G Poothully Photography: Incredible Wildlife Nature Pictures

Nidhin G Poothully is photographer, illustrator and designer. He was 11+ years as a Tech Lead for top IT companies like America Online (AOL), MacAfee & AXA, he quit the job and took up photography as his full time profession. It was a real pleasure for us to take an interview with Nidhin G Poothully […]

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