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Chris Shotton Photography

Beautiful Wedding Photography by Chris Shotton

AP: Tell us some words about yourself. CS: I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in the South East of England. I set up Christopher Shotton Photography in late 2009, after many years of friends and family telling me I should do so! So I did…I have never looked back since. My earliest memory of […]

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Passionate Fine Art Photography by Gabriele Rigon

Gabriele Rigon is an Italian photographer. His passion is to capture and share the sensual beauty of the female form. A recipe of trust, understanding, humour and friendship allows his models to relax in such a way that Gabriele’s camera becomes simply a tool for capturing the moments they share. While looking at the Gabriele’s […]

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Anna Tretiak

Versatile Desing and Illustration by Anna Tretiak

Anna Tretiak was born and has been living in Kiev (Ukraine) for the whole life. Since childhood she has been drawing, but her education has never been associated with the drawing – Anna is a physicist and also finished a school of physics and mathematics. But she always knew that she wouldn’t be involved in science, […]

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Photography by Anais Gandiaga

Lively Photography by Anaís Gandiaga

AP: Tell us some words about yourslef. AG: Mmmm… I have some issues talking about myself; I always think people are going to get bored 🙂 I’m a better listener than speaker. My biography? Well, I’ve always been attracted to any sort of creativity. I think creativity and art are the best medicines for souls. […]

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Photography by Jennifer Howell

Lovely Photography by Jennifer Howell

AP: Tell us some words about yourself. JH: I’ve always been the “creative type” ever since I was little.  I come from a family of artists (painters/fine art).  My art background is painting and drawing with a variety of media.  I won “most talented” graduating from high school and won a full scholarship to go […]

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Handmade Crochet Items by Sandra Hodder

Nice Handmade Crochet Items by Sandra Hodder

Sandra Hodder lives in the small Community of Boat Harbor on the South Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Crafting is her favorite pass-time thing to do. She has been crafting for so long time that she couldn’t sit for a minute without actually doing crafts of some form or another. So, Sandra loves crafts and crafting. […]

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Handmade Items by Chryssa Theodoritsi

Handmade Gifts and Fanciful Graphic Design by Chryssa Theodoritsi

Chryssa Theodoritsi is a graphic designer who lives in Greece. Graphic design is what she does for a living. She is obsessed with dogs, cameras, cycling, chocolate, sun and, of course, handmade things. Sewing is one of her latest obsessions. It relaxes her after a hard day at work, and it makes Chryssa happy to […]

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Jim Jordan Photography

Admirable Photography by Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan is a talented photographer from the United States of America who travels around the world, takes pictures for advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and celebrities. His photos can be seen in the world-class magazines such as Interview, Elle, Marie Claire, J. Crew and Vogue. His client list contains such companies as BMW, Warner Brothers, […]

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George Jennings

Contemporary Portrait Paintings by George Jennings

AP: Tell us your short biography. GJ: My name is George Jennings and I live in Seattle, WA U.S.A. who began my interest in art in my hometown of Washington, D.C. under the tutelage of my grandfather, accomplished Washington, D.C. artist John N. Robinson during the 1970’s. As a child, I entered and won many […]

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Irtsya Boyko

Drawings by Irtsya Boyko: the Game of Black and White Colors

AP: Tell us some words about yourslef. IB: I was born on February 22, 1992 in Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, Urkaine in the family which was not related to creativity. I started attending children’s art studio since I went to high school. And I’ve been studying there for six year.  Also I often participated in […]

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