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paper sculpture

Amazing Paper Sculptures by Ksenya Kirillova

AP:  Tell us few words about yourself.  KK: I was born in Kazan, Tatarstan republic, in a remarkable and close-knit family. Since childhood I was attracted by beautiful things, and without too much effort I imprinted them on the paper. Over the years my paintings have been changed, by becoming more and more professional. At […]

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Greeting Cards by Katerina Velcheva: Originality, Simplicity and Lots of Positive Energy

Greeting cards made by Katerina Velcheva fascinate by their originality, simplicity and positive energy. Katerina was born and has grown in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). She has recently graduated from university with a degree in design and architecture. Katerina is fond of music and literature, she likes painting, and all these bring her great pleasure. AP: How […]

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lacosta handmade toys

Lyubov Gorelova: Lakosta Handmade Toys from Kind Cartoons

While looking at the Lakosta Handmade Toys made by Lyubov Gorelova, it seems to you that you’ve got into a kind children’s fairytale. Lyubov Gorelova is the person who likes to create beauty. She is absolutely certain that beauty exists everywhere; you should just take a closer look to find it. She is fond of […]

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ptaha dolls

Beautiful and Lovely Ptaha Dolls by Nadezhda Bogdanovich

Nadezhda Bogdanovich was born and lives in Kyiv. She loves this green city, especially Podol district. Nadezhda is in love with creativity since childhood; her first picture was painted by mom’s lipstick on the wallpapers at the age of 3. When Nadezhda was 4 her mother took her to the Art School in Kyiv, where […]

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fantastic plastic

Fantastic Plastic by Lena Dobrynina: Bright and Original Handmade Jewelry

Lena Dobrynina was born on February 2, in the cold snowy winter in the city of Chelyabinsk (Russia). More than anything, she loves the sun and the sea. Since childhood, Helen has been fond of painting and making various unusual crafts. Lena graduated from University with a degree in socio-cultural service and tourism. She likes […]

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noise hand made

“Noise Hand Made” by Daria Gnidash: Handicraft Created with All the Heart and Soul

Daria Gnidash is a young aspiring jewelry and accessories designer. She was born in a small cozy town of Murom (Russia). There she was studying at art school. Daria takes a great interest in beautiful and nice small handicrafts. She likes handmade articles, and therefore makes them by herself with all her heart and soul. […]

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dement eva

Dement Eva: Delicate and Airy Photography

Dement Eva (Olga Dementieva) is a professional photographer. Her works captivates since the first look. She was born, lives and develops in Kiev, Ukraine. At the moment she is 21. She finished 4-year study and successfully graduated from the Institute of Advertising, specialty Management. She studied at absolutely simple high school, without any biases and also […]

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